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Islands are always a paradise on earth and a sight to sore eyes. However, not all islands are similar, and the beauty of some depends on the sea or the ocean that surrounds them. Here is a list of 17 of such beautiful and alluring islands you can pay a visit in your next vacation. Don’t forget if you don’t go on the trip welcome back your friends with some yard sign letters.

  1. Maldives

It is home to some of the best and beautiful islands in the world, and the sea surrounding them adds to the beauty. The coral reefs beneath the lush blue waters and white sand enhances the beauty of the destination.

  1. Easter Island

It is a remote island located in southeastern Pacific. The Moi statues are the top attraction of the place. The island entertains visitors with excellent beaches, hiking, cycling and many more activities.

  1. Bora Bora

This is a volcanic island and is one of the South Pacific fantasies. The island also offers mother-watering French cuisine. Many excellent activities, like Diving and snorkeling, are arranged for visitors.

  1. Whitsundays

It is made with the collection of over 70 sun-soaked islands, and the location between the Great Barrier Reef and Australia is Breathtaking. The water is also home to various creatures like dolphins, sea turtles and many more.

  1. Palawan

The island is popularly termed Philippine’s answer to paradise. The beauty of the island is enhanced by limestone peaks rising from the fresh sea, from which you can almost notice the expressions of the fishes.

  1. Ko Phi Phi

The island is Thailand’s one of the most famous destinations. The bay is also filmed in the movie ‘The Beach’. The pearl white sand and the emerald water will attract visitors from all over the world.

island around the world

  1. Seychelles

Located in the East of Kenya, it is a picture-perfect island. The powdery beaches with giant rock boulders are a destination for travel and photoshoot.

  1. Santorini

This Greek island is one of the most visited and popular islands in the world. It is famous for the whitewashed buildings with blue home and an enviable sunset.

  1. The Cook Islands

This South Pacific island consists of lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and blue to emerald shade waters and white sand. A perfect example of an alluring island.

  1. Martinique

It is predominantly an island with an amalgam of different cultures like French and West Indian cultures. Along with the view, it also attracts visitors to their cuisine.


  1. The Dalmatian Islands

The island is located off the coast of Croatia, with gorgeous isles, boutiques and hotels they’re surrounded by sparkling sea and sand.

  1. Hvar

It is again one of The Croatian islands that is well known for their beach parties and executive nightlife.

  1. Fiji

The vibrant green palm trees, white sand and sapphire coloured waters are a sight to the sore eyes. The island is also considered as one of Australia’s go-to tropical escapes.

  1. Sardinia

This Italian island has it all- white sand, shady trees, mouth-watering blend of cuisines and friendly people and atmosphere. You wouldn’t feel like coming back home after visiting this island.

  1. Kauai

This Hawaiian island is filled with cascading waterfalls, rocks and stones in between and alluring scenery, which is the utmost relaxing place for exhausted souls.

  1. Faroe Islands

It consists of 18 volcanic islands that require at least a week to explore. The houses and residents are so unique you can’t help but fall in love.

  1. Bahamas

It is a dream destination for almost everyone around the world. With over 700 islands, it is not only a beautiful sight but also an entertaining one.

Europe is certainly one of the top travel destinations in the world; there are endless reasons why it is a great idea to travel here. Most European countries are traditional and historical and offer tourists breath-taking beauty. Below are five cities that should be on your must-visit list:


The Berlin Wall is one of the famous attractions in Berlin. The wall was built to stop East Germans from moving to the west side of the country. If you are up for a night full of fun and parties, then Berlin is a good choice. There are endless amounts of fun to be had in the evenings, including bar hopping, going to techno clubs, enjoying burlesque acts, acrobatic acts, comedy and singing.


Milan was at the heart of a few of Europe’s traditionally noteworthy art movements. These art movements are reflected in the excellence and extent of its museums. Their art galleries also reflect the beauty of Europe’s culture and tradition, Milan is where you will find the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci – ‘Last Supper’ (1495–1498). A great way to explore Milan is to book onto a group tour to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Whilst there, you must also try some of the delicious food on offer, including veal Milanese.


Gaze at the City of Lights with wonder and awe. Paris is known for its romantic ambiance that is perfect for celebrating romance. With its abundance of museums, amazing restaurants and stylish shops, there is plenty to do, making it the perfect location for a weekend getaway. Whilst there, you must sample the delectable French cuisine. Depending on your budget, whilst it is expensive, Hotel Costes is famous for its restaurant and serves up some delicious steak frites.


London is home to countless tourist attractions; the London Eye offers a breathtaking view of the city and on the west end of the city, you can visit spectacular museums. One of the best ways to see the city is through doing a tour. Tours run along the River Thames and all throughout the city depending how much time you have and what you want to see. If you want to see the river, another option is enjoying a river cruise.


Copenhagen is known for its simple and functional architecture. Copenhagen has one of the most well-organized transportation routes in Europe; everything you need is within a short distance. Copenhagen is also a bike-friendly city, perfect for any eco conscious travellers. During summer, you can swim and relax in the harbour with your family and friends and enjoy the view of the city from the water side if you book a canal tour.

Europe is home to some of the best cities in the word; these cities never sleep and are constantly developing for the better. Given the array of structural design, weather, landscapes and historical location points, there is something for every traveller in Europe.

During the festive season and the holidays, it is easy to get lost in a spending spree and before you know it, you’re scared to check your bank account! However, the tips below are just a few suggestions to help you to reduce your holiday spending and make trips more affordable without sacrificing the fun. First off be sure to save money buy getting personalized Christmas gifts that everyone will remember.

Find the Cheapest Holiday Destinations

If you are looking to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, it is a good idea to do some research before you go on where is affordable but still equally thrilling. For instance, you must be savvy when planning a trip – do not spend a fortune to visit a beach in the furthest end of the Pacific Ocean, when you can experience the same at a beach in your own country or nearby countries. If you choose to visit places you have never been, such as the Caribbean, do some research on which islands are the most affordable.

Check Exchange Rates When You Plan Your Holiday

Checking the exchange rates is a simple but effective way to make the most out of your holiday savings. It is a good idea to look at the countries you would like to visit and compare the exchange rates against your local currency before you book.

Budget and Plan Ahead

Before you begin your travels, prepare a holiday budget that will help you manage your cash without the risk of overspending. Plan for the gifts, destinations, transport, food, shopping and everything else you intend to spend money on and allocate a budget for each activity. Creating a budget is always a good idea as it will help you spend within your means and protect you from plunging into debt.

Get a Mortgage so You Can Buy a Holiday Let

Hotels are expensive and chances of incurring extra costs are pretty high. Therefore, one option to help you to save money in the long run is buying a holiday let. As they can have a high initial start-up cost, it may be a good idea to get a mortgage to help you get started. Once you have secured your holiday let, you can return time and time again for very little cost.

Choose Cheap Transport Alternatives

If you can, whilst you are on holiday, even though it is not always easy, it is a good idea to try to avoid expensive means of transport. Let’s not forget, whilst a plane be the easiest option, a road trip is always fun and may be more cost efficient. If you are traveling far, research a short and cost-friendly route; you can even take a flight to a nearby city and travel the rest of the way by road or train, you could be surprised at how much money you will save in the process. All in all, the key to saving money on a holiday is making sure you have done sufficient research before you go.

Catalonia’s vibrant capital, Barcelona is a stunning city at the seaside that screams beauty. The city offers everything that is required for a traveller, gorgeous scenery, cultural attractions, favourable weather conditions and tasty cuisine. The city has an old-world ambience and is an obvious pick for modernist architectures. Stick to end, if you want to learn about the 14 must-visit tourist destinations in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

The unfinished minor basilica is considered as the most visited architectural destinations in Barcelona. The destination is famous for the breathtaking view it provides the visitors and is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Parc de la Ciutadella

It was built in 1714, which is now a significant oasis of green in the city.


Travellers collecting panoramic reviews might love this l=place. It also consists of the highest mountain, 512 meters overlooking the city.


Palau Guell

Also called Palace Guell, it is an artistic building designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is one of the significant works of Gaudi and sets a beginner tone to other monuments and architectural buildings. The building was designed for the residence of a wealthy resident. It consists of a central hall, a lot of rooms, innovative use of designs for ample space and light in the room.

 La Rambla

La Rambla is considered as the city’s famous street, always bustling with activity. Sometimes it is also referred to as  La Ramblas as it a collection of various nearby streets that have a recognizable feel to it. The streets entertain lots of bars, street performers and fabulous restaurants

Parc Guëll

It is emblematic of Barcelona. Originally the entire area was supposed to be a residential area, but eventually, it was sold to Barcelona which was then turned into a park. The destination also contains the Salamander sculpture, alluring to the sore eyes.

Parc Guëll

Gothic Quarter

It is located in the centre of the city and is a must-visit if you’re a fan of old buildings and monuments.

Casa Mila

Also known as La Pedrera, it is another famous architectural work by Gaudi. Located in broad Paseo de Gracia, it is a pleasant visit as the building has a rustic appearance to it with unique architectural styles.


 Font Màgica

It is a magic fountain consisting of a central piece, accompanies by three other waterfalls. It is a must-visit for people who love watching water and music.

Camp Nou

Sports is one of Barcelona’s famous attractions. The stadium is a must-visit if you’re a fan of FC Barcelona, with the largest arena in the whole of Europe, it offers a spectacular view.


Although located 30min away from the city, it offers a spectacular view of a range of mountains. The place is also called the epitome of natural beauty and is a must-visit during any time of the year.

La Boqueria Market

With over 200 stalls in the entire arena, it is a heaven on earth for foodies. The colourful market offers all kinds of delicacies from cadies to seafood.

Museu Picasso

The place offers one of the most spectacular collections of paintings from the 20th-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. If you’re a fan of the city and the paintings, then this museum is a must-visit.

Barcelona Cathedral

This 14th-century church was built in the honour of St. Eulalia, who was killed by the Romans. The tall ornate church now even opens a gift shop for the visitors.

Does shoveling sidewalks and bundling up have you feeling down during the winter months? Remember the days when you used to adore the snowfall? That joy and excitement does not have to be lost forever. Bring back the fun of the winter season with a ski trip to Park City, Utah. With some of the top resorts in the nation, Park City has something for everyone. Here are two stops you will not want to miss.

Deer Valley Resort

A visit to Deer Valley is a must for the avid skiers among your crew. Where else are you going to get to test your skills on the actual courses used by the professional skiers of the 2002 Winter Olympics? As one of the top-ranked ski resorts in the United States, Deer Valley lives up to its name. It boasts six mountains and over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain. Whether you are looking for a downhill challenge or want to take things a bit slower with a lesson from Deer Valley’s ski school, the resort has opportunities for skiers of all ages and abilities. The location also receives an annual average of 300 inches of snow, increasing your chances of getting to ride down the slopes on fresh, natural powder.

Deer Valley is a skier’s paradise, but it also offers many other winter activities. Take a guided tour on a snowmobile, snowshoe, dog sled, or a horse-drawn sleigh. If you want to capture an aerial view of the mountains, spend some time soaring above the slopes on a hot air balloon ride. Finally, do not forget to fuel up for the day at one of Deer Valley’s various dining options. The resort features an array of choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that range from casual and family-friendly to elegant.

Canyons Village

Canyons Village is a recent addition the older Park City Resort, making it part of the largest ski resort in the country. The Canyons have a variety of lodging and are great for visitors on all budgets. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable rooms, check out the Hyatt Place or Silverado Lodge near the base of the mountain. Those seeking luxury accommodation can go big by booking a room at the magnificent Waldorf Astoria or opt for optimal convenience by staying at one of three ski-in-ski-out hotels. With ski-in-ski-out lodging, you can forget about the hassle of taking shuttle transportation to and from the slopes. This choice is perfect if you see yourself spending a lot of time on the trails.

The Canyons are ideal for people seeking a friendly, relaxed environment, and are typically less crowded than other areas of Park City Resort. However, just because it is cozy, does not mean you are missing out. You still get access to top-of-the-line ski and snowboard trails, luxurious spas, and modern facilities. After a long day outdoors, enjoy exquisite farm-to-table dining at The Farm, or grab some food at one of several on-mountain dining options.

With world-class activities and amenities, Park City has every aspect of your ski trip covered, from food to adventure. Located only 35 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport, Park City is the best cure for any case of the winter blues.

Sometimes, the thought of embarking on a challenge that is out of your norm and pushes you out of your comfort zone can be a scary thought. However, stepping out of your comfort zone forces you to do things you wouldn’t usually do which is highly beneficial. Traveling to a new place where you don’t understand the language and have no friends to guide you can be an overwhelming experience. You can have all the reasons to be frightened, however it is important to embrace this feeling and to just go for it… you won’t regret it!

Below are five destinations to help to inspire your next adventure:


If you’ve been considering embarking on an adventurous holiday, Morocco is the perfect place to start. With its rocky mountains and carefree surfing resorts, Morocco is a spectacular destination for someone wanting to experience new things. One of the best things you can do in this country is to go camel-trekking through the deserts or across the Atlas Mountains. Going camping in the Sahara Desert is also an option for the more adventurous; book an all-night tour to stay in a Bedouin tent, doze off under the stars and feast over beautiful sunrises.


When planning an adventure, another amazing location to visit is Laos. First, you can navigate through the 8kilometer river cave passages of Xe Bang Fai River. The entrance of the cave features a beautiful emerald pool. Next, you must explore the Ho Chi Minh Trail; the 1000-kilometer-long spine runs across Vietnam and Laos. Laos is a beautiful country and is home to some amazing cuisine and stunning landscapes.


Fiji is a beautiful country that has masses to offer to travellers, as it boasts 333 tropical islands and an interesting culture. Fall in love with the island as you snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and witness the abundant marine life. Spend a day or two in the Navala village, the home for rugged rainforest and lush mountains. You can have fun with the locals as you observe their cultures, climb coconut trees, discover the village trails and go for a dip in the cool waters.

Costa Rica

This Central American country boasts coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific, and is blessed with rich wildlife, dense hills and blossoming rainforest. When planning your travels, there are lots of things to see and do. For instance, you can go paragliding to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Fly like a bird over the magnificent scenery of the rainforest and observe the beautiful sunset. You can also go night kayaking in bioluminescent water in Costa Rica’s Bahia Beach; the scenery in the evening enhances this experience even further.

Hong Kong

If you feel like you are going on the same holidays year on year, travelling to Hong Kong is the perfect way to break out of this rut. One fun thing to do is walk through ‘Ghost Town’; there are several abandoned houses and villages across the city. The eerie, strange atmosphere at Ma Wan Ghost Town brought by deserted houses, restaurants, and other establishments offers something that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

With the US being one of the biggest countries in the world, it often becomes pretty hard to choose where to go and what to see. And if you are someone trying to plan a brilliant road-trip, one that every group of friends has on their bucket lists and is very pumped up for, you will know how nerve-wracking it can get. It has to have it all, right? the bad road-trip pizza, apple pies from roadside stops, a road-trip playlist that leaves everyone groaning and singing along and all the places that no self-respecting road-tripper would skip. All of this can be enough to drive anyone mad. But, do no fear, for here is a list of some routes and roads and tricks that will not only ensure that you guys have a brilliant road-trip but that you will be talking about it to your grandkids years later.

And make sure to research different charter bus rental types, from minibuses to coach buses to school buses, there are options out there to fit every budget and group size.

1. Route 66

One of the most famous routes in America, Route 66 is every American road traveller’s dream route. Running for 2,500 miles, Route 66 packs a punch when it comes to destinations along the way. You pass through Chicago, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. With many attractions in and around all of these cities, it takes around one and a half week to complete the whole journey and therefore, proper planning is necessary. Although, Route 66 is also known for its famous stretch between New Mexico and Arizona, where you can spend your night at the famous El Rancho Hotel and even camp at the famous Coconino National Forest. The route also offers a quirky American history lesson with many attractions like the world’s largest Catsup Bottle, a giant famous statue of Abraham Lincoln on a wagon in Illinois and much more.

2. Route 20

One for the spirited travellers, this route is the perfect choice if your group is looking for a long trip across one corner of the country to the other. The longest road in America, Route 20 connects the coast of Newport with the coast of Boston, running 3,365 miles long. With many cities along the way with many attractions, this cross-country journey offers your group a chance to see the best of America. Running through Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and ending in Massachusetts, this is one journey you can never forget. The route is famous for the history and cultural lesson it provides its travellers along the way.

3. Pacific Coast Highway

As the name suggests, the route runs through the Pacific coast, starting from Dana Point in Orange County, to Leggett. California’s longest road, the highway runs for 650 miles and is one of the most fulfilling ones in America. With many all-American destinations along the way such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Sur, Monterey, Malibu and much more. And if the traveller inside your bunch wants more, you can extend your trip to the Redwood forest, to experience one of the most scenic routes you can find in America. Your group can explore some of the best beaches in America along the way in Santa Monica and Malibu.

4. Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

What can be better than taking a journey through the two best-known locations in America? A 980-mile-long adventure, this trip offers you an All-American experience, from the flashy life in Las Vegas to traditional life in Grand Canyon. With a chance to explore true American culture, the whole trip also takes you through many other attractions such as Sin City, Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and a small stretch of the famous Route 66 along the way too. And when you reach Grand Canyon, it’ll be the most satisfying sight. You can contact the National Park Service for extra information on staying around the Grand Canyon to be safe.

London has always been a place that attracts various tourists from all around the world. With its scenic beauty and brilliant architecture, London is a hotspot for many fashion trends and other excellent things that should be in your bucket list.

Are you interested in going to London for your first trip? If yes, here is a definitive guide to some of the best places you could stay in, keeping in mind your primary interests.

Best Place in London for Sightseeing: South Bank and Bankside

With regards to touring, South Bank and Bankside are great for access to enormous attractions – London Eye, Tate Modern, the Shard – and the City of London additionally has a lot of well-known sights, yet both have not many spots to remain. South Kensington is extraordinary for exhibition halls and shopping; inns will, in general, be expensive. Covent Garden and Soho are acceptable all-rounders because of their closeness to the water bodies.

Best Place in London for Clubbing: Soho

Soho is a decent blend of popular mixed drink bars, a significant number of which likewise do extraordinary food, customary English bars, theatres, and storm cellar clubs with DJ parties. There are just a couple of stays in Soho, somewhat set back from the activity. Other excellent places for clubbing in London is Camden for its live concert settings and also East End with its state-of-the-art clubs and bars.

Best Area in London for Dining: Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the most popular and amazing places that people come to eat in London. The area is filled with irresistible food ranging from India, Mexican and other continental food stalls that are reasonably cheap to high-end fine dining restaurants offering a culinary treat. Covent Garden is a 5 min stroll to Chinatown and Soho, jam-pressed with craftsman bistros and continental restaurants. Hotels in and around Hyde Park are home to some of London’s brilliant Michellin- star restaurants that take your taste buds to another level. Camden, the East End, and King’s Cross are incredible for street food.

Best Areas in London for Young Groups and Families: South Kensington or Marylebone

South Kensington is arguably an excellent place that families could stay in because of its safety and security standards along with the list of family-friendly activities that can be found in and around the area. The area is moderately peaceful, and there are two heavenly galleries with a lot of intuitive displays for all ages.

In the Northside is a place called Hyde Park, that has a lot of play areas and also accommodates families and groups during the famous “Winter Wonderland” in the second half of the year during winter. Marylebone is another excellent alternative. It is within close proximity of the Hyde Park, the ever famous London Zoo in Regent’s Park and the popular Madame Tussauds.

Best Neighborhood in London to Stay for First Timer: Covent Garden

If it’s your first time in London, Covent Garden is simply the best neighbourhood to reside in. It’s midway found, has an extraordinary feasting and theatre scene and is in walking distance with some of the various attractions, for example, the National Gallery, Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. There is great travel accessibility to the Thames to arrive at the different tourist spots. It is convenient for the budget- travellers as well.

Safest Areas of London

Arguably, the safest spaces in London are bound to be the ones that are situated in the more affluent areas. They include Mayfair, Belgravia, Chelsea, South Kensington and Knightbridge, which are all significantly safer. It would be safe to travel around or talk a walk in these neighbourhoods in any day of the week, at any time of the day. However, it is advised to stay vigilant during the later parts of the day no matter what part of London you are in.. Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury are similarly safe along with Covent Garden.

Costa Rica’s strikingly distinct landscapes – lavish timberlands, untamed life reserves, and tropical beaches offer a touch of something for each explorer.

Beach lovers should travel along the Pacific Coast should make it a point to go to Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula’s palm-bordered coastline for sun and surf.

Nature-seekers should ensure to visit the Northern Plains and a ride along the Caribbean coast to visit Puerto Viejo de Talamanca before wandering inland to zip line above Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and climb Arenal Volcano.

Regardless of whether you look for sun, nature or trees, there’s a lot to find in this heaven on earth called Costa Rica.

Take a look at the following recommended places that make for a great trip.

Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya Peninsula’s shimmering 80-mile shoreline flaunts beach-driven towns with cream-hued shores and thick woodlands. You’ll likewise discover fishing and cows farming networks east of the provincial coastline.

Arenal Volcano

For the last 50% of the twentieth century, admirers headed out to its base by the thousand to get a brief look at shining rocks and liquid magma tumbling down its sides. Be that as it may, Arenal wasn’t continually heaving blazing magma, shakes and debris. The well of lava sat lethargically for many years, yet on July 29, 1968, Arenal stirred from its sleep.


Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast” is one of the country’s most extraordinary features. The area’s dry, bright savannas differentiate the dim cloud-shrouded rainforests found commonly. Along the coast – which stretches out, right to the Nicaraguan outskirt – you’ll discover pockets of white sand, beautiful resorts and remote fishing towns.

Corcovado National Park

Presently, travellers come to this 160-square-mile cloudy rainforest for its distinct and different untamed life. Trek along the foggy path and you’re probably going to spot macaws, ungulates, pumas and howler monkeys.


 Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

The town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, situated on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, wakes up with reggae music, excellent bamboo bars and wild nightlife.


Far away from northern Costa Rica’s foggy rainforests lies Jacó, a notable town overflowing with shops, cafés and beachfront inns. It’s additionally the nearest beachside retreat to San Jose, the nation’s capital.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Short for Catarata La Paz (or “harmony cascade”), La Paz may appear to be calm and still from the outset. In any case, look again, and you’ll discover this rainforest humming with movement.

Tabacón Hot Springs

If you trek to Arenal Volcano to observe its approaching nearness for yourself, don’t resist to take an opportunity to wash in the Tabacón’s extravagant warm springs.

San José

San José, Costa Rica’s lively capital, fills in as a focal base for investigation. You’ll likely need to stop here before making a beeline for the nation’s eminent rainforests and seashores.

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park sits concealed in a northeastern pocket of the Caribbean coast. Attached to Costa Rica’s territory by weaving streams and waterways, this separated park draws nature-searchers searching for a remote bit of wilderness heaven.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Envision twisting through a cloudy desert spring; strikingly tall trees enclose you by an ocean of green. Add to that over 100 warm-blooded animals, 400 sorts of winged species and 2,500 plant species, and you have Monteverde’s rich 25,700-section of land.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of Costa Rica’s littlest secured green spaces, yet don’t let its size mislead you. Inside the recreation centre’s 3 square miles, you’ll find untamed seashores, confined inlets, nature trails and thick rainforest.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Envision twisting through a foggy desert spring; strikingly tall trees enclose you by an ocean of green. Add to that more than 100 warm-blooded animals, 400 sorts of flying creatures and 2,500 plant species, and you have Monteverde’s rich 25,700-section of land.


Tamarindo is the spot on the Nicoya Peninsula for surfing, grounding, and fun. Predominantly a peaceful fishing town, Tamarindo is presently a vacationer safe house where they can discover great food among other comforts.


Mal Pais and Santa Teresa

Mal Pais on the Nicoya Peninsula is a territory along the coast known for incredible waves that draw in surfers from everywhere. The town of Santa Teresa is the principle hotspot in the region. A chain of towns and seashores lie along the Mal Pais, including the cities of Mal Pais and Manzanillo.

There are such a large number of enchanting places to visit in Asia, choosing where to go can be troublesome; however, that is a great problem to have!

Asia is one of the most famous continents that attracts tourists from all around the world. It is home to the most diverse cultures and welcoming people.

From the clamouring lanes of Hong Kong to laid-back old sanctuaries in Myanmar, Asia is where experience is ready for the picking at each corner. First-time travellers can get overwhelmed by the idea of investigating this hugely diverse locale. Luckily, there are a ton of destinations that are ideal for the unenlightened while those with experience need a little bit of extra information.

Get motivated to begin your experience in Asia with this rundown of the best nations to visit in 2020

1) HongKong

Hong Kong is most famous as a shopper’s paradise. There is, however, a great deal more to Hong Kong than shopping. Guests can appreciate perspectives on the city from high-rise buildings, test neighbourhood food, take part in celebrations, watch sports matches, and visit film sets in the city.

You can likewise make use of the sans visa strategy. Your visit to Hong Kong can be simple, unwinding, cheerful, and a significant place to create the best memories.

2) Thailand

Consistently, an ever-increasing number of travellers visit the Land of Smiles – Thailand. From white sandy seashores and brilliant stays to noteworthy sanctuaries and delicious food, there’s just a lot on offer in this tropical heaven for guests.


In case you’re still not sold on visiting the nation. If you end up considering what it is that recognizes Thailand from other tropical excursions around the world, remember that it is a place that is visited by millions of people all around the globe, throughout the year. The people are incredibly welcoming, and the vibe of the country is unmatchable.

3) Cambodia

On the off chance that you’re captivated with investigating antiquated sanctuary ruins, then Siem Reap in Cambodia has one of Southeast Asia’s most incredible archaeological sites. Not just that, local people are well disposed of, and the vast majority of them talk excellent English, which makes going around the nation simple and exciting.

4) India

There’s no spot on earth like India. This nation is home to the world’s most marvellous architectural engineering and bright blend of societies. It is like a mainland on its own. Each spot offers one of a kind encounters taken into account by various sorts of explorers. When you’ve shown up and experienced the brilliance that is India, you’ll need to hold yourself from returning there every chance you get!


5) Vietnam

Vietnam is a brilliant place that envelops a mind-boggling view, profound and containing chivalrous history. The excellence of nature is one of the significant reasons to visit Vietnam. Other considerable reasons are to become acquainted with the locals in the country and get an opportunity to witness their extraordinary culture.

6) Singapore

The most effortless destination to go to Southeast Asia, Singapore is ideal for tourists, particularly those going with family. This ultra-modern city-state is an excellent place to visit as it provides an extensive array of cultural experiences because of the proportionately mixed population ranging from Chinese, Malaysians, Tamilians and the Thai.

7) Bali

In any event, pondering experiences to be had in more than 18,307 islands as of now makes one develop an urge to get on the next trip to Indonesia. In case you’re worn out on seashores, there are old sanctuaries, volcanoes, cascades, and nature parks hanging tight for you in 18,306 plus islands.

8) Nepal

Nepal is a definitive goal for mountain lovers. The Nepali Himalayas is the roof of the world, home to Mount Everest — the tallest peak on earth. Voyagers who dare to travel to this nation can find themselves witnessing some of the best sights they would ever see in their lives.

9) Philippines

The nation has probably the best seashores in Asia and a lot of social experiences to offer. Predisposition aside, perhaps the best thing to adore about going in the Philippines is that it is so natural to have associations with local people. Getting around isn’t a very remarkable issue since most Filipinos can understand English and are very inviting. Separating the language hindrance makes travel increasingly fun in the Philippines.

10) Myanmar

Myanmar is not a tourist’s first choice of a vacation spot. While the capital, Yangon, has a lot of ex-pats, Western brands and five-star lodgings, you don’t need to wander far to feel as though you’ve discovered a new and untouched place in the world. Myanmar is a very underrated spot that provides excellent experiences to every single person who visits.