5 Greats Sports to consider as you Travel

Everyone loves vacations. Who doesn’t, right? Some may spend time relaxing in a pool or in a beach, savoring the cool, warm breeze of the summer air. Others, on the other hand, may look into challenging activities to make their time off more fun and exciting. Well, you might be one of those fearless and resolute persons who always love risks and enjoyments, apart from the fact that you always like to be on-the-go. Active travel promotes adventurous activities that will not only test your ability on something but will also keep you fit and healthy by doing things that would demand more of your patience, strength and time. These activities will leave you satisfied at the end of the day knowing that you had made something arduous but fulfilling.

To make your vacation more worthwhile, there are at least five significant sport activities to try out. These will ensure you of a remarkable travel experience that you will always look forward to experience again on your next break.

A. Fishing – Freshwater versus Saltwater

Some people may find this sport boring, but actually, it’s not! You will feel fulfilment once you’ve tried this activity because first, you don’t need to be athletic to be able to take part on this; second, you don’t need to have a lot of money in doing this – as long as you have the right tools, then you’re good to go; and lastly, though it’ll take you some time to catch fish, it’ll be very satisfying because you will try out all the possible techniques you may have in mind just to catch one!

Now, there are two main types of this sport – freshwater and the saltwater fishing activities. The first one is done in lakes, creeks, ponds or rivers. You will be able to get fish that only live in these kinds of water resource. So if you want a serene environment while doing fishing, you might want to go with this type. The latter, on the contrary, can somehow be called more exciting than the previous. You will travel in the sea by boat and stop by at a portion of the sea, somewhere in the middle where most fishes are found, and then you can do the activity. This is quite more fun because typically, there will be more different types of fish that you can catch. You can spend this one with your family by riding your own boat, or if not, you can avail of saltwater fishing trips available in your area.

B. Golfing – an activity for both neophytes and pros

You may find this activity only done by pros because this is quite difficult to learn. However, if your purpose is to enjoy and at the same time learn something new, then golfing is an interesting sport to try. Doing this during your vacation would let you enjoy a combination of leisure, learning, and sightseeing! It important to have the appropriate golf clothing to fully enjoy the experience. You will get to enjoy the nature, the ambiance of green grass and the trees surrounding the golf course. Depending on your choice, there are different golf areas to try like mountainous courses, snowy ones and there are even desert areas.

C. Rock Climbing – Conquering Acrophobia

Rock Climbing

Do you love adrenaline rush? Or are you planning to overcome your fear of heights? Then this sport is a must-try! This would involve thinking skills and at the same time the ample stamina to endure the activity. You will be required to think because you will have to scramble on sheer walls to be able to find the right hand and foot holes in order to secure yourself all the way to the top.

D. Cycling – Enjoying Yourself while Keeping Yourself Fit


One thing that could plainly describe cycling is keeping oneself fit. This is an activity most referred to as an exercise because you will need to exert effort in doing this one. To make this more exciting, you can choose your own trails for doing the activity – you can opt for zigzag roads, uphill lanes or even downhill ones or you can go for mountainous terrains. The kind of lane you will choose will determine the level of excitement you will feel when doing the sport.

E. Hiking – Enjoying the Views while Exercising

Like cycling, hiking is often considered an exercise. Your adventure starts with the kind of trail you want to trek. Most often, this activity is done on forests or areas where vehicles are not present. This activity will also give you the chance to enjoy nature closely – giving yourself enough time to look at the things around you as you hike.

All the above mentioned active travel activities will surely give you satisfaction which will make your vacation more enjoyable and productive. Just bear in mind that for each sport, you will need the right clothing and gears to feel more comfortable while doing the activity of your choice. You can either get one from stores selling sporting goods near you, or rent from credible suppliers.

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