5 Reasons Why Tourists Prefer Canada for their Ski Holidays

The concept of a vacation has evolved quite a lot from the same old sightseeing, photography and burying oneself in a hotel room drudgery that it once was. Vacations are getting more dynamic and that is where activities like skiing have captured the minds of holiday goers. In the race of becoming the preferred ski destination, Canada has emerged as the key player enchanting tourists with an array of offerings.

It hardly comes as a surprise that Canada, among other winter destinations like British Columbia, continues to attract an increasing number of ski enthusiasts every year. We bring to you 5 reasons why you should start packing your bags to go to Canada on a ski holiday this winter:


City life leaves a compelling thirst for snow-clad mountains, shimmering lakes and picturesque villages. A Canadian ski holiday has all of these to quench that thirst for nature. Taking a deep breath in the legendary Rocky Mountain range or the picturesque Lake Louise is a feeling that will stay with you for a very long time.


The speciality of Canadian ski resorts is the adrenaline boost that they offer in abundance. Choose your form of heart-racing adventure from snow-shoeing to cross country skiing to tubing and even dog-sledding! Haven’t we always wanted to try that every time we saw these in the movies? This is your time to turn your dream into reality as they have skiing activities for all levels – from amateur to seasoned pros.

3.Quiet Time

Only a ski resort in a country with vast landscapes like Canada can provide the paradox of adventure and calm in one destination. Huge mountain ranges and spacious resorts allow you to spend some peaceful time that a busy work life cannot offer. Whether you prefer long walks by the river or lying in a reclining chair by the resort pool, you are sure to have a refreshed mind by the end of your trip. Isn’t that the whole point of vacation after all?


Being a famous ski destination, Canada is home to a lot of holiday goers from all over the world. This gives you a chance to connect with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. What better way to learn about foreign customs and practice your hand at some other language than interacting directly with people from those places?


Apart from being just another ski destination, Canada is a country rich in heritage and culture. This year they celebrate the 150th year of their formation as an independent nation, and in accordance, the Canadian government has organised many cultural events. They have even declared free passes for their national parks this whole year! Canadian delicacies, its people and exquisite sceneries require no convincing to visit and experience them yourself.

So, get your winter gear on and head towards the land of the North for a truly memorable holiday!

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