A change is as good as a rest

Do you dream of exploring somewhere new? Have you found yourself stuck in a holiday rut, always returning to the same place?

Well, if this sounds like your situation, it’s time to be brave and head to a new destination!

I completely understand why people feel more comfortable returning to somewhere they have been before, because it’s familiar, and it’s full of happy memories, so of course you want to recapture some of that magic, but this means you’re also missing out on some of the amazing sights there are to see in the world.

This planet is huge, and deserves exploration!

I’m not suggesting you get your hiking boots on and climb Kilimanjaro, unless you fancy that of course, but I am suggesting you book a holiday to a different resort this year, even if that resort is in the same country as the one you normally visit. Baby steps are all it takes!

It’s easy to get panicked and stressed where travel plans are concerned, and I’ve been guilty of that in the past, which is why I now tend to book a night in an airport hotel before I fly, to give me a good night’s sleep to start my day on. I recently stayed at the Hilton at Gatwick, and really enjoyed it, so would certainly recommend you look into this idea. You’ll find a range of hotels at most large UK airports, meaning something for everyone.

Of course, no matter where you go, new or otherwise, you should always make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your trip. There are some great value single trip travel insurance policies to be found online, and the best place to find them is via a price comparison website. I tend to go for a middle of the road price range policy, and remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time.

With a few safety nets in place, you should feel more reassured about exploring somewhere new. Check out reviews on Trip Advisor if you’re not sure, or go by word of mouth on recommendations from a friend or colleague.

If you usually go to Spain, why not try Greece? And If you usually go to Egypt, why not try Turkey? These are variations that aren’t too wildly off the scale from each other, but will show you enough of a subtle difference of somewhere new. Who knows, you might even find a new favourite place you never knew existed!

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