Beach Safety Tips

This summer, as the days get longer and hotter, thoughts turn to the beach. Take a break from the hardship of daily life with a relaxing getaway to the shore. Whether you go boating on the water, stick to swimming, or even just lounge in the sand, play it safe and have a good time by planning in advance. You’ll enjoy the beach even more when you can be confident that your health and property are protected.

If you will be enjoying your beach vacation from the prow of a boat, make sure it is fully serviced and maintained before you take it out on the water. This is especially true for boats that have been sitting out of the water since the last season. See a certified boat mechanic for advice on any difficulties that you encounter when examining you boat. For repairs, consider purchasing high quality replacement boat parts from a company like MMI. Get your boat in tip top shape before you take it out on the water. This includes stocking a full collection of life jackets for every person who will on the boat with you, as well as other safety equipment and communication devices.

Perhaps you plan to stick to swimming on your beach vacation. In this case, do some research about the beach you’ll be visiting before you go. Find out about currents and tides. Make sure that the beach will be safe for swimming, and clarify exactly which areas and distances are protected. Many beaches do not have a trained life guard on staff, so make sure you only go swimming if you are qualified. You can also check on the water quality at the beach. There are many resources online that will allow you to be familiar with the beach’s swimming facilities and risks in advance of your vacation.

Even just lounging on the beach needs preparation. Bring sufficient sunblock and reapply it regularly. Better yet, choose a shady spot and relax without the UV damage. Stay hydrated and look out for any sunburn in advance. Try not to fall asleep on the beach, which leaves you vulnerable.

Your vacation will be much more enjoyable if you have planned for it in advance. A little bit of education and effort will make all the difference in your happiness at the beach. Whether boating, swimming, or lounging, play it safe on your vacation.

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