Best Hotels in Iceland

Iceland is Nordic island nation of Europe. It’s island of volcanoes and waterfalls. Summers are not to hot her and similarly winters are also not too cold here. There are no forest and always windy season but still nature has blessed Iceland with its beautiful views. You can see beautiful waterfall, sea beaches, mountains and many more and if your are adventures then you can view active volcanoes here. There are more than 30 active volcanoes here in Iceland. And if we count on average than there is a volcanic eruption every 4 years.  That’s all above thing makes Iceland a perfect holiday vacation.

So, if you are already planned a holiday vacation then a you must be looking to book a hotel in Iceland. There are a lot of hotel in Iceland, all of them differ due to their own specific treatments to welcome their guest and facilities provided.  Many of the hotel provides camping, hostel, bed and breakfast, farm stay and many other facilities to enhance your traveling and stay experience.

There are many hotel chains in Iceland who are offering best stay and facilities at their hotel. Icelander hotel are leading chain of hotels in Iceland with total 8 hotels in Iceland. They offer many good facilities to their guest along with free Wi-Fi, city bus pass and spa. Hotel Edda is another chain of hotel across the country with having total 11 hotels across the country. You can enjoy fantastic view from hotel and feel more close to nature.

Foss hotels is another option that you can think for stay. They have thirteen hotels across the country   and all of them give beautiful view and best facilities. KEA hotels are also considerable option. It’s having 8 hotels across the country out of which 5 in Reykjavik.

Iceland has their own specific flavors of food and there are a lot of restaurant in Iceland who offer Icelander’s typical flavors. You can check them during their visit.

You can find a hotel in Iceland depending on your choice and budget. It has many hotels who promises you a luxurious stay and there are also a lot of hotels who offers you budget accommodation so, that it fits under your budget. Yet today we will concentrate on best hotels in Iceland.

Luxury hotels in Iceland

A hotel is meant to provide accommodation to traveler along with some other facilities. These facilities are at basic needs but when we talk about luxury hotels than we means a comfortable luxuries stay like a king which may include beautiful view from hotel room, tasty food, laundry facilities, swimming pool, spa and cultural activities. Either they all above or many of above together make your stay a luxuries experience.

All five star hotels provide luxurious facilities to their guest but unfortunately there is no five star hotels in a Iceland. However, it never effect too much to customers because there are a lot Best hotel in Iceland , who delivers a best experience to you.  So, here we are referring some hotels that can enhance your Experience.

  1. Hotel Glymur

Hotel Glymur is Best hotel in Iceland and it  is situated 18 km away from pathway to Glymur falls. It rooms are having free Wi-Fi facilities, flat-screen TVs and tea and coffee making facilities. mostly all rooms offers a beautiful views of mountain.  Usually the breakfast in included in it but for villa guest it is chargeable.

It also have a relaxed restaurant, a bar and conference facilities. Check more from its website by clicking here Hotel Glymur.

  1. Hotel Budir

Budir is small country hotel but brings very delightful experience to visitors. It’s takes almost 2 hours to reach hotel Budir from Reykjavik. And the whole driving route is very thrilling and gives amore view of nature. It’s perfect destination especially if you are looking for a romantic vacation. Many people use it for celebrating their wedding ceremonies. It gives you a really fairy style experience as you are enjoying the food and dinning beside the mystical glaciers.

Check more from its website by clicking here Hotel Budir.

  1. Architect Cottage

Architect Cottage is a two story house situated in Reykjavik. Its great place to enjoying time with family and friends. It’s actually a warm woody house that was built in 1905. The house was designed by Iceland’s first certify architect. The inside look of house will make you real feel as you are staying in a house. It has beautiful garden that you can view from the balcony. And you can also enjoy the city view from it. It’s a Best hotel in Iceland if you are planning to spend time with family.

It has a kitchen, bathroom and laundry. There in minimum fitting and most of the work is done in white. Its rooms has double bed, sofa, TV, Wi-Fi, towels and linen. The best part is that owner is living nearby and in case of any problem or help needed you can contact them.

  1. Hotel Ranga

Hotel Ranga is a lodge in southern Iceland. It offers you view of Hekla volcano. There are 7 suites in upstairs it that is having all facilities that you expect to be in your hotel’s room. It has a restaurant whose menu is full of Iceland’s flavors. It best for all whether you are a couple, family or with friends.

Check more by clicking here at Hotel Ranga.

  1. The Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel

It’s situated on route 360. Its five story hotel with having 38 rooms. The whole hotel is beautifully design whether we talk about its rooms, floor, beds, corridors, and anything in hotel. All floors are made of American oak wood. The hotel is located at central location of Reykjavik s all the best restaurant and bars are its nearby.

Check more by click here at Ion hotel.

  1. 101 hotel

The hotel is situated in the heart of the city Reykjavik. It has a restaurant who offers a delicious food. There is also a bar in it. The hotel’s staff is quite friendly and speaks multi language. It’s a smoke free property. There is also a gym in the hotel and spa too. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi.

For more details and room booking you can click here Hotel 101.

  1. Hotel Reykjavik Centrum

The hotel is just a 10 minute walking distance from Harpa Concert Hall. All the rooms are quite airy and have free Wi-Fi. There is also a TV, mini fridges, tea and coffee making equipment in every room. Whole hotel is light wooden furnishings and wood floors.

For more information and booking a room you can click on Hotel Reykjavik Centrum .

  1. Hotel Radisson Blue

One of the Best hotel in Iceland  and also top choice of many tourist who prefer to have a luxurious stay. It was built in 1919. The hotel is situated at 12 minute walking distance from hall grimskirkja cathedral. All the rooms are quite fine and warm. There is free Wi-Fi in the hotel and also tea and coffee maker in every room. There is also accommodation with free breakfast but it is for upgraded accommodation only.

All the amenities are included in the hotel whether its restaurant, bar or laundry so just relax and stay here.

For more information and booking a room you can click at hotel Radisson blue.

  1. Hotel Korg

This hotel is in a very famous building and just a 7 minute walking distance from harpa concert hall. All the rooms are fully equipped with free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, mini bars, tea and coffeemakers.

For more details you can contact at hotel website hotel borg.

  1. Hotel Laxnes

Hotel laxness is situated at 15 min walking distance from Alafoss waterfall. All the rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and with their private bathrooms. It offers a free breakfast buffet.

For more information you can click here hotel laxness.

At last it’s important to mention that as Iceland’s tourism industry is quite young and it improving itself to fit on the standards.  So it’s better to visit a hotel’s website before booking it.





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