There are such a large number of enchanting places to visit in Asia, choosing where to go can be troublesome; however, that is a great problem to have!

Asia is one of the most famous continents that attracts tourists from all around the world. It is home to the most diverse cultures and welcoming people.

From the clamouring lanes of Hong Kong to laid-back old sanctuaries in Myanmar, Asia is where experience is ready for the picking at each corner. First-time travellers can get overwhelmed by the idea of investigating this hugely diverse locale. Luckily, there are a ton of destinations that are ideal for the unenlightened while those with experience need a little bit of extra information.

Get motivated to begin your experience in Asia with this rundown of the best nations to visit in 2020

1) HongKong

Hong Kong is most famous as a shopper’s paradise. There is, however, a great deal more to Hong Kong than shopping. Guests can appreciate perspectives on the city from high-rise buildings, test neighbourhood food, take part in celebrations, watch sports matches, and visit film sets in the city.

You can likewise make use of the sans visa strategy. Your visit to Hong Kong can be simple, unwinding, cheerful, and a significant place to create the best memories.

2) Thailand

Consistently, an ever-increasing number of travellers visit the Land of Smiles – Thailand. From white sandy seashores and brilliant stays to noteworthy sanctuaries and delicious food, there’s just a lot on offer in this tropical heaven for guests.


In case you’re still not sold on visiting the nation. If you end up considering what it is that recognizes Thailand from other tropical excursions around the world, remember that it is a place that is visited by millions of people all around the globe, throughout the year. The people are incredibly welcoming, and the vibe of the country is unmatchable.

3) Cambodia

On the off chance that you’re captivated with investigating antiquated sanctuary ruins, then Siem Reap in Cambodia has one of Southeast Asia’s most incredible archaeological sites. Not just that, local people are well disposed of, and the vast majority of them talk excellent English, which makes going around the nation simple and exciting.

4) India

There’s no spot on earth like India. This nation is home to the world’s most marvellous architectural engineering and bright blend of societies. It is like a mainland on its own. Each spot offers one of a kind encounters taken into account by various sorts of explorers. When you’ve shown up and experienced the brilliance that is India, you’ll need to hold yourself from returning there every chance you get!


5) Vietnam

Vietnam is a brilliant place that envelops a mind-boggling view, profound and containing chivalrous history. The excellence of nature is one of the significant reasons to visit Vietnam. Other considerable reasons are to become acquainted with the locals in the country and get an opportunity to witness their extraordinary culture.

6) Singapore

The most effortless destination to go to Southeast Asia, Singapore is ideal for tourists, particularly those going with family. This ultra-modern city-state is an excellent place to visit as it provides an extensive array of cultural experiences because of the proportionately mixed population ranging from Chinese, Malaysians, Tamilians and the Thai.

7) Bali

In any event, pondering experiences to be had in more than 18,307 islands as of now makes one develop an urge to get on the next trip to Indonesia. In case you’re worn out on seashores, there are old sanctuaries, volcanoes, cascades, and nature parks hanging tight for you in 18,306 plus islands.

8) Nepal

Nepal is a definitive goal for mountain lovers. The Nepali Himalayas is the roof of the world, home to Mount Everest — the tallest peak on earth. Voyagers who dare to travel to this nation can find themselves witnessing some of the best sights they would ever see in their lives.

9) Philippines

The nation has probably the best seashores in Asia and a lot of social experiences to offer. Predisposition aside, perhaps the best thing to adore about going in the Philippines is that it is so natural to have associations with local people. Getting around isn’t a very remarkable issue since most Filipinos can understand English and are very inviting. Separating the language hindrance makes travel increasingly fun in the Philippines.

10) Myanmar

Myanmar is not a tourist’s first choice of a vacation spot. While the capital, Yangon, has a lot of ex-pats, Western brands and five-star lodgings, you don’t need to wander far to feel as though you’ve discovered a new and untouched place in the world. Myanmar is a very underrated spot that provides excellent experiences to every single person who visits.