Located in southern England, the New Forest is an area of charming beauty and serene landscape which includes the New Forest National Park. Despite being called the ‘New’ Forest, this picturesque area covering southwest Hampshire can be termed anything but new. The rich history and cultural heritage of Hampshire makes it a unique place to explore. You can rent a cottage in the New Forest region if you want to step back in time, and discover the old world charm, the gorgeous wildlife and the picture perfect nature trails this area has in store for you to explore.

Witness the Ancient Trees of the New Forest:

The New Forest is believed to have the highest concentration of ancient trees in all of Western and Northern Europe. Among the timeless ancient trees that calls the New Forest their home, you can find some trees which are over one thousand years old. These immensely old trees are full of charisma and character, and they are revered by generations of the local people. There are over 1000 trees reportedly located in the New Forest, however new ones are being discovered every now and then. Standing in front of these ancient trees which withstood the test of time, will surely make you feel much closer with nature.

Explore the Diverse Wildlife:

The New Forest National Park has one of the most diverse wildlife for you to discover. You can see thirteen out of the eighteen bat species that can be found in England. You can also witness some of the rare species of dragonflies like golden-ringed dragonfly, keeled skimmer, black darter, small red damselfly and the scarce blue-tailed damselfly. The New Forest is also a great place to look for deer. You can find fallow, roe, sika and red deer in this vast, undisturbed land. However, if you decide to see only one animal while you are in the New Forest, then make sure to see the iconic New Forest Pony. No trip to this area can be complete without seeing this most famous and majestic inhabitants of this land.

Enjoy the Iconic View of the Vast Heathland:

Heathland is arguably the most iconic view of the New Forest National Park. It is home to the most extensive area of heathland still remaining in Europe. During autumn, as the heathers flower, the vast landscape of the New Forest with its large swathes of open land turn into a beautiful purple color. In addition to its iconic view, the heath flowers enrich the New Forest with a delicious tasting heather honey which is produced from the flowers. It carries the New Forest Marque – a symbol of local authenticity, which ensures the natural flavors and the deliciousness of the honey.

Go on a Walking Trail:

One of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the tranquility and the nature of the New Forest is to go on a walk along the numerous walking trails you can find in the area. From long walk to short walks, from walking through the wildlife to guided walk tours, you can choose from an array of walking trails to suit your preference. It is arguably the best way to get up close and personal with nature while you are in this region.

With its vast landscape, diverse wildlife and unique beauty, the New Forest is the perfect vacation spot if you want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. So the next time you are thinking of taking a trip into nature, consider taking a trip to the New Forest. You can be sure to feel much closer to nature while you enjoy your vacation in this timeless location.

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