Common dialogues by Indian mom which have pestered every daughter while growing up!

Indian moms are so predictable; every Indian mother ends up using common dialogues with their daughters. These dialogues have been used since ages and are here to stay for generations to come. It might pester you as a daughter that your mother always ends up saying such common dialogues but eventually you’ll end up using them for your daughters too, we can bet on that! This doesn’t lower down the respect of our mother’s but it shows how conventional our moms can be, at times. Let’s correlate:

  1. “Look at Mr. Dwivedi’s daughter & learn some manners from her”

You can bet on this, every daughter might have been compared with her uncle’s or aunt’s children. Indian mothers have this unique habit of comparing their children with their friend’s or relative’s children. “Lookup at her; she always talks to her parents with utmost respect and look at you, ill-mannered.” Oh yes, I am ill-mannered, why don’t you adopt her as your daughter mom, eh!

  1. “When I was your age, I used to complete all my work & help my mom with the daily chores.”

You feel like explaining your mothers that gone are those days which stood bereft of technological advancement. Nowadays, we have whats app, Facebook & twitter. Even if our House work is complete, who has got time to help you? If only, mothers understood your feelings dear daughters, but we do!

  1. “When you’ll have kids, only then you’ll understand what I am explaining.”

When your mother explains you about a situation and you start ignoring her or counter question her, this is what happens. The emotional blackmailing and connecting the present with your future adjoining your mother’s apprehensions with it, so very predictable!

  1. “Love is nothing, it’s just infatuation! Concentrate on your studies & build a career.”

If love is nothing then what is up between dad and you, mom? Only if mothers understood that daughters have a life too. They’ll pester you to concentrate on your studies and build a career when you’re getting endless proposals.

  1. “It is just because of your friends, you’re going the wrong way.”

Even if you are wrong & your friends are following what you do, still your mother ends up blaming them for your condition, isn’t it? Pitiable friends!

  1. At this age, this is what you are trying to show me?”

Mom, I know you are growing old but what did I do? Can’t I go out with my friends and enjoy a night out with them? I am big enough to take care of my own self but only if Indian mothers understood this. They’ll keep pestering you with such emotional blackmailing that has no end.

  1. “Money doesn’t grow on trees. Go and earn a living then you’ll understand.”

This is the most common dialogue Indian mothers will pester you with. Who’ll make them understand that this is the age when you can have fun and make full use of the money they are earning. Eventually you are going to earn for a living but for now, you want to spend it and simply cherish life. Hard-task to make your mom comprehend that, though!

  1. “When you’ll marry & go to your house, you’ll have to do it. Then what?”

Whenever your mom tells you to help her in the kitchen or do the daily chores, the moment you ignore what she says or deny doing the stuff. You’re always cascaded with this dialogue, isn’t it? Mom, I will do it when I don’t have a choice but when I have a choice now, why not utilize it, eh?

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