Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

When we say goodbye to people when we leave home or work, they would tell us to be safe. The time it takes us to go from one place to another may not be as straightforward as we would expect, and accidents or other things can happen. This is especially true for traveling, whether it is by car, plane, boat, or whatnot. We always hear about travel nightmares other people have experienced, and that just makes us hesitant about going through with our travel plans.

But safety is not just about long travels in different forms of transportation; it is also about leisure traveling. Walking in a foreign place can be just as dangerous as commuting alone at night. Well, for one thing, you do not know the kind of people that roam the streets. Sometimes, as a precaution, we just do not mingle with any of the locals. At the risk of being called a snob, not everyone who are willing to help you when you need directions mean well. But then how are you going to experience a city or a culture in its fullest if there are limitations?

The solution is knowing what to avoid. Here we will talk about the different ways harm or scams can get at you during your travels and how you can thwart them.

Taking advantage of confused travellers

No matter how hard we try, to blend in, we will still stick out of a crowd like a sore thumb. While this is not exactly bad, looking much more of a tourist than we would have liked has certain consequences that might not end well for us. We could be in danger of being misdirected; when they point us to a destination that will get us farther away from the city. Or we could be robbed point blank. The best way to avoid this is to be aware of the surroundings. Try to ask people in stores or other establishments, you should even try to find a police officer, they will most likely direct you to the right place.

Sketchy car rentals

What if you want to experience driving around the countryside of a foreign place? This is made absolutely possible by a couple of trustworthy car hire companies you happen to find there. For instance, in Australia, you can always contact DriveNow to get a car where your family can sit comfortable while you are driving through the streets of New South Wales. Of course, if we do not stop and research for car rentals, we are going to end up with a company that will dupe and take advantage of us. So before you set your eyes on a car rental company, make sure to Google them first. Ask around and see if the locals have heard of them before making a decision.

The ol’ bump and grab

This is probably the most common scam of all; it is when people bump into you, pretend they have dropped something, and then proceed on stealing from you. Mostly, people experience this during a commute on rush hour. So when you find yourself in this kind of situation, when there is just no space to move in a train or a bus, hold on to your things very tightly. If you are wearing a backpack, move it in front of you so you can lock it securely in your arms.

Of course, not everyone is a suspicious Good Samaritan. As much as there are people who mean harm, there are those who are ready to help you if you are caught in a jam. Just be extra alert when you are in a different place and be responsible for all of your items.


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