Explore the Historical Sites of the Fascinating Country, Libya

If you want to explore the historical sites of the fascinating country, Libya would be the best suit for you. Libya is the well known popular destination both for domestic visitors and international visitors that is located in the northern side of Africa. Libya is the fascinating vast country that is well rich in cultural, historical and the most scenic desert life. Libya offers you with lots of lavishing places to explore especially the country are famous for holding the world’s finest open air galleries of prehistoric rock art called Jebel Acacus. Here are the top most lavishing places in Libya that must be visited when you plan to visit Libya anytime soon.


The Tripoli is the Libya’ largest city located in the northwestern region of Libya and it is the country capital of Libya. Tourist from all over the world usually head straight to Tripoli, when they tour to Libya. The Arch of Marcus Aurelius is the most fantastic and mysterious Ancient Roman structure in Tripoli which has much to see and you can also wet your tongue by tasting the delicious dishes in the restaurants and cafes over here.

Pleasure your eyes by exploring the country’s national museum known as Jamahiriya Museum that offers home to large number of artifacts which tells you about the historical treasures of Libya. Explore Gurgi and Karamanli Mosques where you could find the good sense of picturesque architecture and it definitely a feast to your eyes. Relax yourself by doing shopping in hassle free Tripoli’s Medina which has large number of shops that offers you everything you need. Overall, a trip to Libya does not get completed without exploring Tripoli.

Historical sites in Libya

Libya is famous for the astonishing historical sites that speak about the history and culture wealth of the country. Cyrene in Libya is one of the most famous and splendid Greco Roman sites in the world and it is the astonishing ancient Greek and Roman city located near the Shahhat in Libya. You can enjoy seeing Acropolis, necropolis, agora and forum in an incredible Cyrene city. Another city which is rich in historical sites is Ghadames which is covered with the historical oasis. The great Ghadames is also known as “The Pearl of the Desert” where you can step back in time in this charming place and no other city offers the architecture as you find in this old city. Sabratha is a picturesque ancient city located on the coast of Libya with some of the excellent Roman ruins.

Shopping in Libya

Libya is the best place for shopping as you can fill your empty bags with lots of unique things with its best. Libya is the perfect place for you to collect stamps. The country offers you with the best souvenirs in Benghazi which is the main shopping street that boasts lots of shops. If you want to get imported items, the country offers you with many shops in everywhere such as touristic areas, cities, hotels where you can find imported handicrafts and gold jewelry relatively cheap. If you are searching for the best book shop in the country, Fergiani bookshop is the best option for you. You can have a fun shopping at Tripoli suq with very good price.

Explore these places and discover the historical and lavishing beauty of Libya.

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