Find Hotels with Parking near Gatwick Airport

Finding a hotel that you can stay at near the airport just before you are leaving for travel can sometimes create a problem, especially for business travelers. Perhaps you need to catch the first flight out and will be gone for a week. You need to have a place where you can stay the night before that is close to the hotel but also will allow you to leave your car there while you are gone and have access to transportation to the airport so you do not have to drive there yourself and find parking. While you think it might be difficult to find a place that can be so accommodating there are options for park and fly hotels Gatwick Airport has available to you.

Finding the Best Option

You will want to look around at the options available to you among the Gatwick Airport hotels to see which offers you the best deal and package. Ideally, you would like to find a hotel that has the comfortable room you need for the not at a very reasonable rate. You also need to know that you can safely park your car at the hotel for the time that you will be traveling and not incur any extra expenses and that your car will be safe and secure while you are gone. You also need a hotel that has easy access to public transportation so you can take the bus or train over to the hotel without a fuss. When you look at all of the options that you require among the hotels with parking near Gatwick Airport, the Holiday Inn Express London Gatwick Crawley is just the right option in a hotel for you.

Perfect for Your Travel Plans

The Holiday Inn Express London Gatwick-Crawley is the ideal spot when you need to travel out of Gatwick Airport. The hotel is about four miles away from the airport itself, making you very close so you will never have a time issue getting there. The hotel has comfortable rooms of varying sizes with amenities to make sure your stay allows you to relax before you head out on your trip. You will also find that the hotel offers special park, stay and go packages, allowing you to spend the night, park your car for your designated time safely and securely in their lot and you can then take the bus directly to the airport or make use of a taxi for your travels.

You can make your travel plans much easier for yourself when you take advantage of the room and parking options available to you at the Holiday inn Express London Gatwick Airport. You will find that you can get your flight easily and leave your car with peace of mind knowing it is safe at the hotel waiting for you to return. Check with the hotel about availability of this package for the time of your trip and you can make all of the appropriate arrangements.

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