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  1. […] Kerala is a complex of luxury natural wonders, especially the network of waterways, inlets, estuaries, lakes and natural canals makes this region as well luxury, best way to enjoy the network of backwater is traditional houseboats, never avoid to travel in these boat houses along these backwaters, which is really to offer scenic vista along with wonderful experience. During this boathouse travel watch the breathtaking view of the water, land, birds and human habitation on the water side, coexisting peacefully, to enjoy all these visit Kottayam, Alleppey,Quilon, Kumarakom and Kuttanad area.(image by soumyadc) […]

  2. […] Kerala is the paradise of nature seekers, over there you can find numerous vacation spots, among the clusters, Wayanad is the right spot, where you can find the many wonders, but all resembles the entire Kerala’s uniqueness. Check out here for Green Carpeted Rolling Hills from Kerala. […]

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