A Guide To Zadvarje: Croatia’s Hidden Gem

Nestled in the Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia sits Zadvarje. We’ll forgive you for not having heard of it, because this village and municipality has a population of just 277 people. Many of you won’t consider it as a holiday destination because it’s not well-known enough, but that’s why it’s such a treat for travellers looking for something special.

Ladbrokes has just named Zadvarje as one of the places to visit on its online travel roulette wheel, so why not find out why this hidden gem is so wonderful? Here are three things to do which will instantly make you want to visit the naturally beautiful location…

1. Canyoning in the Cetina river

If you’ve always wanted to go canyoning, the Cetina river is the place to do it. It’s been flowing for thousands of years, creating mystical shapes in its bed. It has crystal clear waters, cliffs up to 180 metres high, waterfalls, lakes, subterranean tunnels and a 50 metre high waterfall, Gubavica, all of which you get to explore up-close. Work your way through it, descending into the canyon below. The beauty of staying in Zadvarje is that it’s exactly where the tour starts, which sees you cover a majestic 2,300 metres in total. It’s an experience not to be missed.

2. Vrulja beach


Ten minutes away from the village on the coast is the beautiful Vrulja beach, only accessible by boat. This makes for a beautiful location that’s perfect for whiling away an afternoon. Sunbathe in this quiet location or swim in the perfectly clear water, all the time watching the boats come in with people itching to enjoy this small spot of paradise.

3. The Makarska RivieraMakarska_riviera

The Makarska Riviera stretches for 60km between the towns of Brela and Gradac in the Dalmatia region. Brela is 17 minutes by car from Zadvarje, so you’re in a prime spot to pick up this wonderful Riviera. It’s home to rare sandy beaches, pine trees, sparkling water, bays and, of course, the main town of Markarska. So what draws people to this coastal area? Well, in 2003 Forbes magazine voted the beach at Brela one of the top 20 beaches in the world, and Markarska is a cosmopolitan seaside town that offers a bit of everything – beaches, nightlife, restaurants and adventure, with the impressive Biokovo Mountain overlooking in the background.

These three locations in and around the area of Zadvarje are truly incredible for a summer break. The fact that they’re unheard of makes them even more special, creating a unique experience for you and your travel companions. We hope this guide encourages you to explore the area, and other hidden spots in the up-and-coming country that is Croatia.

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