Head to Scarborough for a Memorable Holiday

Scarborough is one of the best-known holiday resorts in the UK. With plenty of attractions, events and activities all through the year, there is something for everyone here. To enjoy all that the place has to offer, stay in a hotel near Scarborough and savor its many delights.

History of Scarborough

Scarborough has a long history that dates back to 966 AD when it was founded by Thorgils Skarthi, a Viking raider. This settlement was, however, soon destroyed by another group of Vikings and did not quite get back to its feet until around 1140 AD, when a castle was built to protect the town.

In 1155 AD, King Henry II facilitated the setting up of a market in the region to encourage trade. In 1253, the town was granted permission to hold the Scarborough Fair which attracted traders from all around Europe. This festival ran for over 500 years, from the 13th to the 18th century. It was in 1626, when an acidic water spring was found in the region that Scarborough started attracting visitors to the town. Gradually, it became the first seaside resort of the country and led to the construction of the Grand Hotel in 1845, which was the largest hotel in Europe at that time.

Scarborough: North & South Regions

Scarborough is divided into the north and the south region. The northern side is home to an array of attractions, including an open-air adventure pool, a Peasholm Park, an indoor pool, naval war battles, open air theatre and a tree walk among others. The southern region has a long seafront with the two pense arcades, graphic games such as dance machine and gaming machines.

There is a diverse array of things to see and do in Scarborough, so take your time and enjoy your visit. It is great to visit both the bays. There are several differences between the south bay and the north bay and you will enjoy visiting both the places.

Scarborough Attractions

In several ways, the town presents itself as a delightful blend of the old and the new. The modern approach to tourism adopted in recent years has helped to create a great family vacation destination, complete with plenty of family friendly tourist attractions, lots of galleries and museums, gardens and parks and an extensive selection of historic structures. The historic resort features a number of fascinating structures including the Methodist church, the church of St. Mary, Scampston Hall, Ebberston Hall and the Scarborough Castle. If you are an arts and history aficionado, Scarborough has a lot to offer. There are several museums too to visit including the Millennium and the Rotunda Museum.

With a spectacular coastline and beautiful countryside, it is little wonder that the region also provides plenty of opportunities for sports activities.

Scarborough Accommodation

If you are planning a trip to Scarborough, there are excellent accommodation options. No matter what your budget, you are sure to find the perfect place to put up. It is advised that you book your stay in advance to avoid last moment disappointments.

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