Holidays in Lanzarote: A traveler’s guide to 5 hidden gems

There are beaches and beaches to choose from during your holidays in Lanzarote. The Easternmost of the Canary Islands has a wide variety of sandy and not so sandy shores to choose from, ranging from the most crowded and party friendly to the peaceful and calm coves which will help you come in touch with your inner self. However as we are not always fans of overcrowded beaches and overpriced sunbeds during high season, we have compiled 5 of the best hidden gems awaiting discovery during your next holidays in Lanzarote. Before we begin however bear in mind that in order to reach most of these beaches you have to rent a car as being secluded comes at a relative cost of access.

If you are a fan of hiking or you just want some peace and quiet outside your resort on a magnificent beach then this one is for you! In order to get there you have to hike through limestone mountains for about half an hour and there you have it! The pirate bay of la Orzola uncovers in front of you! Take in the fresh sea breeze and enjoy the golden sand under your toes while enjoying the sunshine and calmness of this magnificent beach!

Playa quemada
The “burnt beach” as the name suggests is a volcanic beach on the south-eastern part of the island situated close to a small and now defunct fishing village. Visited mainly by locals, this beach is a very calm place to be as its unique appearance formed of black sand and small rocks is something that most tourists shy away from. Step out of the comfort zone of your resort holidays in Lanzarote and pay a small visit however and you might be surprised at what that small gem has to offer.

The Farmara beach is a staple for watersports types as the waves and wind provided by the beach’s northwest placement are great for watersports. Pack your kitesurf or surfboard and take a day off your holidays in Lanzarote to delve into this magnificent beach setting and you will certainly be rewarded!

Las Conchas
Located away from most resorts and mostly visited by locals, this beach is definitely off the beaten path for most as it is placed on the small island of La Graciosa and only reachable by boat. A lengthy quiet and clean strip of golden sand, this beach defines quiet as most tourists will stay in the confines of their resorts, leaving the place almost exclusively to you and a few other travelers and locals.

La garita
Situated close to the village of Arietta on the northern part of the island, this golden sand beach is a family friendly place to enjoy sunbathing and swimming away from most commercial beaches which are usually cramped with umbrellas, sunbeds and fellow tourists catching the sun. The nearby villages are also wonderful to explore so in all it is a worthy day trip during your holidays in Lanzarote.

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