Interesting things to do in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the most charming weekend break destinations to visit in England. It is famous for its university that is counted among the best in the world. Cambridge is less than 60 miles out of London and a popular getaway for locals as well as visitors to London. The college city has a number of wonderful attractions apart from its famous colleges to see and explore on a trip here.

There are some excellent hotels to be found in the centre of the city like the Tamburlaine Hotel on Station Road, which is a premium luxury hotel that offers value for money. And its location in the city centre makes it convenient to visit all the main attractions that are in close proximity. Some of the interesting things to do when on a trip to Cambridge are:

Visit its famous colleges

One of the best ways to explore the city is to take a walking tour of its medieval colleges. There are more than 30 colleges to be found in the city and all of them are affiliated to the University of Cambridge. Most of the colleges have a rich and illustrious history and are examples of superb architecture that is both distinctive and captivating. If you are on a short visit the best way to squeeze the most of your trip is to board a hop on-hop off bus that also offer an informative audio description about each attractions you will see on your trip. The highpoint of a visit to Cambridge is a tour its many beautiful colleges including two of its most prominent Trinity College and King’s College. And if you do get an opportunity do not miss a visit to King’s College Chapel at Evensong, to hear their exceptional choir and admire the magnificent chapel.

Try riding a punt in Cambridge

One of the best ways to admire the scenic surroundings in the city is to take a ride on their traditional flat bottomed wooden boats known as punts. There a number of tour operators that operates punt tours on the River Cam and take visitors on a charming tour of the famous Backs. These tours are very informative with professional guides who share anecdotes and information about the attractions along the trip. Going a tour on a punt is a very relaxing experience and not to be missed on a trip to Cambridge. While these tours are vest to be taken in summer, there are tours conducted in spring and autumn as well when visitors are given warm blankets to stay cosy. Along the trip you will pass the famous Mathematical Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs.Punting boat on River Cam, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

Take a trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum

While in Cambridge a visit to the historical Fitzwilliam Museum is not an opportunity to be passed. There is no entrance fee to visit the museum and its impressive collection can be seen within an hour. There is a lovely souvenir shop to pick up mementos and also a cafe.

Enjoy a cup of Tea at the Orchard

One of the best places to enjoy the English tradition of afternoon tea is the Orchard that is set among apple trees. Having tea outdoors is summer amidst the stunning natural beauty is a memorable experience. And if it is chilly or raining there is a glass house in which you could enjoy the excellent selection of teas accompanied by a bevy of fine delicacies. It is very popular with students from the colleges, visitors as well as locals and a perfect way to spend a relaxed afternoon.

Explore the stunning University Botanical Gardens

If you are a nature lover a trip to the University Botanical Gardens is a must. With numerous species of plants and trees to admire from across the planet, it is a lovely place to spend a relaxed afternoon.

Drop in at the many museums

If you do have the time you could plan a trip to the many museums that Cambridge has to offer. Some of the best museums apart from the Fitzwilliam Museum to visit include the the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, the Museum of Zoology and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

The Scott Polar Research Institute

It was created to honour the legacy of one of the greatest explorers in British history Captain Robert Falcon Scott. The museum has a fine collection of polar memorabilia and items that tell the story of the intrepid explorers who ventured to explore the polar regions of the planet.

The Round Church

Although the Round Church no longer is a functional church, it still is a prominent attraction among visitors to Cambridge. It was built in 1130, by the Normans and is famous for its magnificent painted glass windows. Unlike most churches to be found on the European Continent that are built in the shape of a cross, this church is round in shape. It is said to be based on the design of the round church of Jerusalem. It now serves as place of Christian heritage and also houses a visitor centre.

Sunset in Cambridge viewed from the tower of St.Mary's churchGreat St Mary’s Church

Probably the most famous Catholic Church to be found in Cambridge Great St. Mary’s Church is a great place to learn about the history of Catholicism and also played host to Erasmus, who preached here on one occasion. The summit of the church offers some of the best views of the city of Cambridge.

Kettle’s Yard

One of the best places to see the finest of modern and contemporary artwork in Cambridge is Kettle’s Yard. It also serves as a venue for musical concerts. Kettle’s Yard is counted among the finest art galleries in the country.

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