Load Up Your Travel Itinerary With These Bandung Activities

Are you a planner? You know, the kind of person who likes to plot and plan every little detail of their vacation? That is totally okay. Some people like to wing it while others prefer to have a specific plan of action. There are pros and cons to both types of travel…but ultimately what really matters is that you feel good about your vacation. So if being prepared makes you feel good? Then it is time to start planning. There are so many incredible things to see and do in Bandung, Indonesia. Which is why countless tourists visit the city each and every year. Will you be one of them? Then it is time to load up your travel itinerary. Here are a few Bandung activities to fill your days.

Load Up Your Travel Itinerary With These Bandung ActivitiesKeep The Whole Family Entertained At Dusun Bambu Leisure Park. Thanks to your planning, you have already found the best room to stay. Your Travello Hotel Bandung room is reserved and ready to go. The only thing left to do? Start figuring out your entertainment options. The best place to start is with the Dusun Bambu Leisure Park. This is located north of Bandung and is quickly become a popular spot for tourists. For good reason. There is so much to do! There are unique restaurants (you can eat in a massive bird cage hanging in the sky) as well as outdoor play areas. There are even hot air balloon rides available. Whether you are travelling with little ones or are just looking for something different to do…. a trip to Dusun Bambu Leisure Park is an absolute must.

Make The Most Of Outlet Shops Throughout Bandung. There are many reasons Bandung is such a popular place for people to visit. Take the outlet shopping as an example. Many people love to spend time in this incredible city to get their shop on. It is a great way to save money – and still spoil your loved ones back home. The shopping here tends to be much cheaper than other spots in Indonesia. So take your pick! There are a few different outlet malls to choose from. That includes Heritage, Rumah Mode, Cihampelas Walk, and Paris van Java. Something to keep in mind? The latter two tend to have higher end brands while the others have a combination of mid-range brands and higher end brands. Not sure which outlet mall to visit? Paris van Java actually has a small petting zoo on the rooftop. If you are travelling with kids, this might be the perfect spot.

Load Up Your Travel Itinerary With These Bandung Activities 2Get Out There And Appreciate Nature At These Unforgettable Places. Still looking to load up your Bandung itinerary? You can. Just get out there and appreciate nature. There are many incredible places to do just that. Especially given its proximity to volcanic mountains and incredible terrain! No wonder there is so much to see. Visitors to the area can head to Taman Hutan Raya Park, see the waterfalls in Dago Pakar, or go to Tebing Keraton. Each one of these views will take your breath away. One essential travel tip? Be sure to bring along your digital camera. You will become a full-blown travel photographer by the time you come home.

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