Making the Most of Your Vacation Travel

Vacations are exciting all on their own, but one can make them even more of an adventure by experiencing unique and interesting ways to get there. The actual trip to the destination can be half the fun of vacationing. It doesn’t matter where you live in this great big world. The following forms of transportation can be found around the globe.


It is almost sad how traveling by car has become a thing of the past, but if you plan it correctly, a road trip can be an exciting adventure for the whole family. Don’t get into your vehicle with the mindset that you have to get there fast. Take your time. Pick a scenic route rather than the most direct, and be sure to make plenty of stops along the way to explore the different areas you will be going through. Visit historical landmarks, take advantage of the overlooks, and stretch your legs in the parks you come across.


Everyone loves a relaxing cruise while on vacation, but boats don’t have to be big and grand. Consider a river boat cruise. These trips allow you to experience a form of transportation from a by gone era. Just like Mark Twain, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of small towns as you drift along. Don’t be fooled by the old fashioned atmosphere. Today’s riverboat cruises rival the big ocean liners when it comes to amenities, dining, and entertainment. Many provide full scale restaurants with top chefs as well as live shows with singing and dancing.


Taking a flight to your vacation destination is definitely not a new or unusual form of transportation, but the flying doesn’t have to end once you arrive. Many popular tourist destinations offer helicopter and small plane tours of their area. Viewing the world’s natural wonders from above is a sight you will never forget. Take it up a notch by flying yourself. You can’t get a pilot’s license on a whim while vacationing, but it is an excellent goal for future trips. There are places all over the world that can teach you. For example, flying lessons in Sydney are offered by flight schools such as Australian Aerobatic Academy.


Although you don’t hear about it as often as they did back in the day, train travel is still available. It is the ideal way to see parts of the world that are often hidden from the roads and highways. You’ll see forests, plains, valleys, and wildlife that are in their most natural state. Train travel is often inexpensive when compared to other forms of travel, and if you keep an eye out, you can find excellent deals during certain times of the year. For example, train trips during the autumn months in America can be spectacular with the fall foliage while offering some amazing deals.

Now that you are thinking about all the different forms of transportation available to the average traveler, you can start planning your next big trip. This time the travel portion of your get away will be just as fun as the destination.

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