Mykonos: Frenetic Parties and Beautiful Beaches at the World’s Top Destination

Amazing sandy beaches and crazy nightlife are the two main reasons Mykonos attracts thousands of tourists each year from all over the world. There are tons of videos and photos on the Internet that will give you a small idea of what to expect when you visit Mykonos, although the vibes and the atmosphere cannot be completely captured with a camera.

Most visitors are happily surprised when they first visit Mykonos island as they find out that truth goes beyond their expectations. Having fun in Mykonos is easy, parties are everywhere and the friendly atmosphere invites you to relax and join the dancing crowds.

Beach parties

Some of the most beautiful beaches on the southern part of Mykonos island become “party beaches” as soon as the sun sets or even during the day. On these beaches you will find the most famous night clubs where world famous DJs play the latest beats for their guests. The whole beach becomes a party scene and people are dancing everywhere – on the dance floor, on their chair or the sand.

Champagne showers, shows and diving into the water are all things you should expect in a beach party. It is suggested that you don’t go there wearing your best dress or high hills as it is much likely that at some point you will decide to take a dive. You will feel much more comfortable with some light clothes and your bikini.

  • The most famous party beaches of the island are:
  • Psarou Beach, with the famous Nammos Club
  • Super Paradise Beach with Super Paradise and Jackie O’ night clubs
  • Paradise Beach with Cavo Paradiso, Tru Paradise, Tropicana and Paradise clubs

Chora Mykonos parties

There are also some clubs and bars in Chora Mykonos that hold crazy parties throughout the night. They are not as big as the beach clubs but they host famous DJs as well as interesting happenings to keep the spirits up all night. The best part is that even if you don’t like one of them you can easily walk to another!
Some of the best parties in Chora Mykonos are held at:

  • Scandinavian Bar and Disco at the heart of Mykonos Town with a beautiful stone-paved outdoor patio.
  • Void Club at Lakka area, a two-storey space with a traditional Mykonian design.
  • Babylon Club, located close to Paraportiani Church, with theme parties and drag shows.

Private parties

A big number of private parties are organized on the island every summer – and rumor has it they are the wildest. They usually take place in private villas Mykonos, luxury yachts or 5 star hotel suites. It would be very difficult to get access to one but you can easily organize your own party with your own guests and taste. For providing your guests with the best of services and privacy, opt for the luscious Mykonos villas and offer them the time of their lives. Mykonos real estate service is excellent and can provide you with plenty of options to choose the right one!

You can use one of the many concierge agencies in Mykonos to arrange everything to the tiniest detail. Agencies will arrange a buffet or a private chef with his team, entertainers, transfer service and drivers for you and your guests, butlers, decoration, even bodyguards.

The most beautiful beaches in Mykonos island

You will find out on your own which of the awesome beaches suit you more but here is a list of the ones that visitors usually like most:
Paradise Beach is a long, sandy party beach with a lot of clubs, bars and restaurants. Visitors are mostly young people who seek fun and parties. It is organized and nudist friendly.

Super Paradise is also a party beach which attracts younger crowds and holds lots of parties. It gets crowded easily so it is better to arrive early, if you want to find a good spot. It is the most well-known gay beach in Greece.

Psarou Beach is ideal for a relaxing day on the seaside or for a crazy party night. There are lots of sunbeds, restaurants and bars and the crystalline waters are perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

Ornos Beach is a sandy, organized beach, ideal for families, just 3 km from Chora Mykonos. Apart from the many restaurants and bars, you can try some watersports here. It is a relatively quiet, relaxing beach, easily accessible by car, bus or boat.

Paraga Beach is separated in two sections; the northern part is a party beach, well developed with bars, restaurants, water sports and loud music. The southern part is more peaceful, although it still has a fun vibe. It is a nudist friendly beach.

Elia Beach is the most distant organized beach and one of the longest ones in Mykonos. It is family friendly with a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for those who want to enjoy the crystal clear waters and the soft sand away from the other noisy beaches of the island. You will find some good restaurants and bars here as well as sunbeds and umbrellas.

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