Save Money On Your Next Las Vegas Trip

Vegas, baby! There is one place that absolutely everyone wants to go. Las Vegas. It is more than just a gambling city. Here you can check out the sights, do a bit of shopping, check out local tours and attractions, or make the most of the lively nightlife scene. The only downside to all of that fun? It can take a serious hit on your wallet. It doesn’t need to. These tips will help you save money on your next Las Vegas trip.

Find Discounts On Attraction Tickets. There are many different attractions in Las Vegas. From the aquarium to the wax museum to the concerts, magic shows, and live entertainment…. you will never run out of ways to pass the time. Most visitors want to explore the Las Vegas attractions. You can do the same! Just make sure you choose your entertainment options wisely. It is possible to find discounts on some of those coveted attraction tickets. You can buy your tickets online (which is convenient, quick, and easy), make use of coupon codes (they can be found online or through social media), or head to one of the discount ticket boots on the strip (just beware: options are more limited if you choose this option. However it can be useful if you are not set on one specific attraction). Do what you can to find those discounts. Your bank account will thank you!Save Money On Your Next Las Vegas Trip 2

Make The Most of Free Activities. Believe it or not…. not everything in Las Vegas will cost you money. There are some free activities that can compliment your day. Take a walk down the strip and tour some of the hotels. Many of them are astounding both inside and out. They are themed to perfection. Particularly the Venetian hotel, the Paris hotel, and the Bellagio hotel. Speaking of the Bellagio hotel! You can check out one of Las Vegas’s best free activities. The Bellagio fountain show out front runs throughout the day – and is well worth a watch. Be sure to have your camera ready. A few fountain snaps will wow your social media pages.Save Money On Your Next Las Vegas Trip 3

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Off The Strip. Sometimes? Visitors are afraid to leave the famous Las Vegas strip. There is so much to do there. So much to see. Well, there is just as much to do a little further away. Freemont Street is a prime example of this. It features tons of shopping, gambling, dining, and attractions. For a whole lot less. Prices here are much cheaper than they are on the Las Vegas strip. That means you can stretch your money even further. Spend a day enjoying the lights and sounds. Who knows? You might even hit the jackpot at one of the casinos.Save Money On Your Next Las Vegas Trip

Call Ahead and Get On The Guest List. If nightlife is on your mind…then make sure you get on the guest list. Dance clubs and lounges want people in them. With so much competition? This can work to your advantage. Call the day of or the day before and ask to be put on the guest list for a specific nightclub. They will more than likely put your name on the list. That means no cover charge and no waiting in line. Keep your eyes peeled during the day as well. When you walk past certain bars or clubs, they often give out free drink tickets or free entrance passes. Not a bad way to save!

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