Technology has changed the way we catch fish

Commercial fishing is not a new industry – not by a long shot.  Throughout much of the world, commercial fishing has long been a source of income for many families, but more than that, the fishing industry has been sustaining for many communities at large.  In recent years, the fishing industry has changed dramatically.  This is partly because of changes at the legislative level that have placed stricter restrictions on international fishing rights, etc. but also because of advances in technology that have changed the way we fish.

These days, to have a competitive edge in the fishing world you’ll have to have more on board your vessel than standard gear such as nets and rods (although you still need those basics!).  These days, commercial fishing vessels are taking advantage of technological advances that make their fishing expeditions not only more productive but also more profitable.  Tools such as echo sounders, sensors, sonar tools and fish fingers have all improved the ease with which professional anglers can track down concentrations of fish.

Technology has made fishing not only more productive and profitable, but also safer.  The oceans can be unpredictable, making commercial fishing one of the most dangerous and perilous occupations out there.  Anglers are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  What starts out as a calm sea can very quickly turn dangerously rough, placing the entire crew at risk.  Although no one can control he weather, advanced GPS systems and autopilot systems make it much easier for crews to navigate rough seas to find safe haven.

Even if the seas remain calm all through the journey, commercial fishermen are charged with the task of having to find fish in the big ocean.  That’s not always an easy task!  Thankfully, there are advances in technology that can help with that, too.  Fish finding apps combine the convenience of mobile technology with old-fashioned fishing knowledge.  These apps bring an element of hunting into the fishing industry. It’s about tracking down the concentrations of fish so that you can come away from your day of fishing having had a successful time of it!  Fish finders work to locate fish underwater through the use of sound energy (sonar).  That information is displayed graphically on a screen on board the ship (or, in the case of an app, on a smart phone) which then allows the fisherman to locate high concentrations of fish.  Also, a fish finder app conveys information to the user about the location of potential hazards under the water, such as debris or sudden changes in depth.  These apps combine the usefulness of a traditional fish finder system, radar technology and GPS navigation technology.

Whether you are a serious commercial fisherman or simply a weekend hobbyist, technology can be one of your best assets.  It can help to locate high concentrations of fish, to warn of potential dangers lurking under the water, and help you and your crew navigate to safety in the event of rough seas.


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