Time Saving Walt Disney World Tips

It is the most magical place on earth. Walt Disney World is the most popular theme park in the entire world. It has four different parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) as well as countless rides, shops, attractions, and character greeting spots. Fun? Absolutely. There is a ton to see during a Disney vacation. Which is both good and bad. What could be bad about so much to do? Running out of time. Make the most of your Walt Disney World getaway. Here are some super effective time saving tips to try.

Buy Your Park Tickets In Advance. There is nothing more frustrating. You are prepped and ready to begin your Walt Disney World vacation. Except that you are stuck waiting in an endless park entrance line. Why? You do not have your ticket. That means you will waste tons of your precious time waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. Meanwhile the ride lines will get longer. Not to mention the line to meet Mickey Mouse himself! Thankfully there is a solution for this. You can save yourself plenty of time if you ahead of time. That’s right! Simply buy Disney Park tickets to queue less. You will gain entrance to the park in no time!

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Make Use Of The Fast Pass System. No doubt about it. Disney is a pretty special place to visit. Just consider their fantastic Fast Pass system. This allows visitors to select a set number of Fast Passes per day. These passes give you a set time to arrive at a popular ride, attraction, or character greeting spot. You then get to skip the line. Score! Making the most of the Fast Pass system (hint: if you schedule all of your fast passes before noon you can sign up for more later at night using the on-site Fast Pass kiosks) can save you an awful lot of time. That allows you to get on all of your favourite rides.

Download Disney Apps For Wait Times. What would we do without our smart phones? They make our lives a whole lot easier. Even on vacation! Before you head into the park, make sure you download one of the Disney Apps. There are some with helpful hints and park information…and even ones that list ride wait times. This will let you know which parts of the park are packed and which ones are a little quieter. Making use of the app will help you get on more rides, waste less time, and maximize your Disney experience.Time Saving Walt Disney World Tips 3

Plan Out Your Disney Trip Well. A little planning can go a long way. Especially when it comes to your Walt Disney World trip. Certain Disney parks are more popular than others on certain days. For instance, Magic Kingdom is busiest on the weekends and Animal Kingdom is packed on sunny days. These park patterns give you the chance to plan out your trip accordingly. So sit down now and think over. Consider the days that you are visiting, park patterns, and weather conditions. The rest will fall into place. And visiting parks when they are quieter? It means you can get on even more rides.

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