Islands are always a paradise on earth and a sight to sore eyes. However, not all islands are similar, and the beauty of some depends on the sea or the ocean that surrounds them. Here is a list of 17 of such beautiful and alluring islands you can pay a visit in your next vacation. Don’t forget if you don’t go on the trip welcome back your friends with some yard sign letters.

  1. Maldives

It is home to some of the best and beautiful islands in the world, and the sea surrounding them adds to the beauty. The coral reefs beneath the lush blue waters and white sand enhances the beauty of the destination.

  1. Easter Island

It is a remote island located in southeastern Pacific. The Moi statues are the top attraction of the place. The island entertains visitors with excellent beaches, hiking, cycling and many more activities.

  1. Bora Bora

This is a volcanic island and is one of the South Pacific fantasies. The island also offers mother-watering French cuisine. Many excellent activities, like Diving and snorkeling, are arranged for visitors.

  1. Whitsundays

It is made with the collection of over 70 sun-soaked islands, and the location between the Great Barrier Reef and Australia is Breathtaking. The water is also home to various creatures like dolphins, sea turtles and many more.

  1. Palawan

The island is popularly termed Philippine’s answer to paradise. The beauty of the island is enhanced by limestone peaks rising from the fresh sea, from which you can almost notice the expressions of the fishes.

  1. Ko Phi Phi

The island is Thailand’s one of the most famous destinations. The bay is also filmed in the movie ‘The Beach’. The pearl white sand and the emerald water will attract visitors from all over the world.

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  1. Seychelles

Located in the East of Kenya, it is a picture-perfect island. The powdery beaches with giant rock boulders are a destination for travel and photoshoot.

  1. Santorini

This Greek island is one of the most visited and popular islands in the world. It is famous for the whitewashed buildings with blue home and an enviable sunset.

  1. The Cook Islands

This South Pacific island consists of lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and blue to emerald shade waters and white sand. A perfect example of an alluring island.

  1. Martinique

It is predominantly an island with an amalgam of different cultures like French and West Indian cultures. Along with the view, it also attracts visitors to their cuisine.


  1. The Dalmatian Islands

The island is located off the coast of Croatia, with gorgeous isles, boutiques and hotels they’re surrounded by sparkling sea and sand.

  1. Hvar

It is again one of The Croatian islands that is well known for their beach parties and executive nightlife.

  1. Fiji

The vibrant green palm trees, white sand and sapphire coloured waters are a sight to the sore eyes. The island is also considered as one of Australia’s go-to tropical escapes.

  1. Sardinia

This Italian island has it all- white sand, shady trees, mouth-watering blend of cuisines and friendly people and atmosphere. You wouldn’t feel like coming back home after visiting this island.

  1. Kauai

This Hawaiian island is filled with cascading waterfalls, rocks and stones in between and alluring scenery, which is the utmost relaxing place for exhausted souls.

  1. Faroe Islands

It consists of 18 volcanic islands that require at least a week to explore. The houses and residents are so unique you can’t help but fall in love.

  1. Bahamas

It is a dream destination for almost everyone around the world. With over 700 islands, it is not only a beautiful sight but also an entertaining one.