Why Travellers Will Enjoy Heading Out on a Desert Safari in The United Arab Emirates

Why Travellers Will Enjoy Heading Out on a Desert Safari in The United Arab Emirates

Summary: A desert safari trip is a fun way to discover Dubai and tourists can choose whether they want to head out in the daytime, evening or stay overnight.

Dubai is a fantastic holiday destination to visit as it offers a plethora of unique attractions that will engage tourists when on vacation. Often travellers may mistake Dubai as a place that is filled with malls, but there are many top activities available including desert safaris. This can be done in a variety of ways and however visitors do it they will be guaranteed a memorable experience. A morning desert safari trip is a wonderful way to see the area where tourists can get into luxury cars with the air-conditioning blasting to appreciate the sun setting. The trip is usually done in a Land Cruiser vehicle that can successfully take on the desert terrain.

This type of trip can often involve a buffet meal, camel riding and a chance to enjoy the art of belly dancing performances. There is also the popular activity of overnight desert safari tours that offer complete luxury while staying in the romantic desert environment of Dubai. These types of tours have to be planned out carefully with reputable company and travellers must always have their safety in mind. Something that visitors have to definitely try out when they are in the desert is dune bashing. This is a form of off-road driving along sand dunes that is really quite a skill to master. Travellers can get lessons to find out how to do this exciting activity or just sit back with a professional and ride up and down the choppy desert waves.

Again safety is something that should be considered when going dune bashing as it is not recommended for those with a heart or back problem. It is also something that infants or young children must not take part in as it can be dangerous for them. Dune bashing is a superb way for travellers to enjoy some sight-seeing at a fast pace. When tourists get to the campsite of a desert safari they can enjoy some traditional Arabian tea and coffee. There will also perhaps be the opportunity to try out some shisha piping and henna tattooing. Tourists can also just rest on the comfortable cushions and carpets in the luxurious, large tents.

Tourists should stay in the capital city of Abu Dhabi to be close to sights at the brilliant five-star Al Seef Resort and Spa by Andalus. This superb residence is near many restaurants and cafes. The Andalus hotel has beautiful suites in low-rise villas with a range of amenities such as a kitchen with modern gadgets and Wi-Fi internet. The living room is a lovely place to entertain guests and has a Mediterranean-influenced décor. There are gorgeous suites based near the pool and the hotel’s gardens with personal butlers to enhance the trip.

The best part of going on the amazing desert safari tours is that there is a great chance to do take some lovely pictures. The evening safari tour is particularly special as there is a chance for budding photographers to take some pictures of the sunset and even the sun rising if they get up quickly enough. A desert safari is actually something very special for the whole family and couples, who will enjoy the fun atmosphere during this trip. The Arabian food, live dance performances and magnificent views are simply outstanding for tourists to enjoy.

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