Types of Aircraft Available for Private Charter

Chartering a private plane has become more mainstream today than it was in the past. While you may have an idea of how to charter a plane or which companies to use, you may still be wondering what type of aircraft is available. Most private plane charter companies have a variety of fleet options available for you to choose from. This will allow you to have a smaller plane for a quick trip or an even larger plane for longer trips that need to accommodate a larger group of people.

If you’re considering chartering a private jet, check out the different types of aircraft that are available for your private charter.

Singles and Twins

If you need a smaller plane, your best option is a single or twin. These planes can carry between three and six passengers, which is great for smaller groups. Singles and twins only have about a three-hour flight time, which means that they’re not the best choice to take long distance. Instead, these are great for quick trips or even to get from one airport to another to take a larger commercial flight. Due to their size, singles and twins are allowed at every airport, no matter its location or size. This means that if you need to travel to that tiny airport closer to your destination, this is the best choice to make.


Turbine jets are considered the most economical option, so if you’re looking for a larger plane that doesn’t cost too much, this is the right option. This is a roomy option that is great for those business trips. Large, comfortable seats allow you to fly in style. So you can use it to impress clients or to handle some business while on the way to a meeting. Turbine planes come in a variety of different styles and sizes, so be sure to talk with your charter company about which turbine options they have available before you make your final decision.

Cabin Jets

Cabin jets are similar to turbines. These planes typically hold six to eight people comfortably. These planes usually include a bathroom and can travel up to 1,500 miles or up to three hours. They also usually include oversized seating, hardwood floors, and multiple A/V equipment. This is a great way to travel in style with your family or for business. They’re typically more expensive than a turbine plane, but they still contain multiple benefits for those who use them.


Midsize planes, like cabin jets, can only hold about six to eight people, but they are more spacious in size. A midsize jet is tall enough to allow passengers to stand, whereas a cabin jet is not. Also, all midsize jets contain a bathroom, and they are able to travel for longer periods of time (typically four to seven hours, depending on specific model). These are a great option if you need to travel coast to coast. Some contain only captain’s chairs while others have couches. Again, if this is the type of plane you need for your trip, be sure to discuss the exact options with your charter company.


Large cabin jets seat 9 to 13 people comfortably. These usually include a flight attendant as well as allow you to have catered dinners on board. These planes can usually travel 6 to 12 hours, which means that this is the best option if you need to travel to far destinations. Large cabin jets also tend to come with the most amenities, including audiovisual equipment, sleeping arrangements, and other perks. Whether you want to travel in the best possible style or simply need something for an international trip, large cabin jets are the best option.

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