Vacation In Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire is a big county in Scotland, including areas of agriculture, moorland, and mountains. The wonderful natural landscape in itself makes it a perfect place for a holiday, and there are many activities you can spend your spare time on.

Golf is big in Scotland – it was invented in the Kingdom of Fife, just south-west of Perthshire. You can buy a “Green Card” to get discounted access to 19 courses in Perthshire. You can also get the “Highlands Golf Ticket” for access to some 9-hole courses for a cheaper price. These offers also include admission to Perth Racecourse, and several distilleries. There are about 40 golf courses around Perthshire, so the golf enthusiast has plenty of choice. Tickets can be booked through CLC World travel centre

There is also a lot of choice with Scottish whiskies, and Perthshire is the home of what may be the oldest working distillery in the world, The Glenturret. This whisky goes back to 1775, according to the records, and you can get a guided tour in Crieff, about 20 miles west of Perth.

You can easily get a taste of a few more whiskies in their distilleries – there are six all within an hour’s drive of Perth. There’s Deanstone, Tulliballard, Edradour, Blair Athol, and Dewars – as well as Glenturret. All of them have interesting visitor centers, and tastings – make sure you’ve decided on your “designated driver” before you start!
Having decided on which whisky you prefer, it’s time to catch your supper. Perthshire is an outstanding location for fly-fishing, especially on the many lochs and reservoirs in the area. You can book your fishing through a company who can supply all the equipment and permits you need, and even a personal guide, or “ghillie”.

The most common fish for the fly-fisherman is the brown trout, but there are also salmon, char, and a few other species in the waters. If you don’t know how to fish, why not book a lesson or two; it’s a delightful way to spend a few hours in the outdoors.

With all this water around, you’ll not be surprised to find there’s a bit of sailing going on in Perthshire. Drive an hour north-west of Perth city, and you get to Kenmore, and the Loch Tay Boating Centre. You can rent boats by the hour or by the day – anything from a rowboat to a cabin cruiser. There’s coaching available, whether you want to use a sail or motorboat.

If you want to be a bit more active on the water, then there’s kayaking and canoeing, or even white-water rafting available. You might see one or two of the local beavers on a canoe tour.

Visiting Scotland in the summer does have its drawbacks, especially if you’re near the water. Insects. Millions of them. The Scottish “midges” are the main problem – they are only about 2mm long, but they bite. They are most active in calm and humid weather, and when the temperature’s above 10 Centigrade (50 Fahrenheit). May to August is usually the peak time, so make sure you have insect repellent and long sleeves on hand. There is actually a website for midge forecasting – so it’s worth Googling to check it out.

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