The Way of the Digital Nomad

To go where the day takes you, that’s the dream. But what does it take to make this dream a reality? Keep reading to learn how to live out of your laptop.

Just Do It

No one is going to tell you your dream is possible. No one is going to walk you through it. It’s up to you to make the dream real. Fortunately, there is no barrier whatsoever to becoming a digital nomad. All you need is a laptop, a microphone, and a good idea.

To Blog or Not to Blog

There are all kinds of digital nomads. Some people create blogs that make money with advertising. Some digital nomads don’t even have their own websites but are the modern equivalent of the traveling salesman.

Whatever path you take, to be a digital nomad just means to travel while making money somehow off the internet.

Content is King

It is been said many times before, but it bears repeating: Content is King.

If you can create engaging content, readers will come to your blog. There has been a general decentralization of all media. It wasn’t long ago when they were only 3 channels on television. Now there are 70 million YouTube channels. There is intense competition for good content, and if you can produce it, you will rise to the top of the heap.

Pick a category

When do you think about a digital nomad you think about someone who moves around a lot. Travel blogs come to mind. But that is just the tip of the iceberg! The only limit as to what type of blog you’re going to do is that it must be an activity that people do in many different locations. That can be anything!

If you are a consultant in a particular industry, you can make a blog about your travels through that industry. If you have a hobby, you can make a blog about your travels visiting others who performed or participated in it.

The more specific your content is, the easier it will be to dominate your category. So just because you’re a digital nomad, doesn’t mean that you have to blog about everything you see. In fact, your blog doesn’t have to have anything to do with travel.

Your readers don’t have to know about your life circumstances, just about your contact with many different areas of the topic that you’re blogging about.

Pick a Platform

In order to be a digital nomad in to organize your material on the go, you should use a content management system [CMS]. A CMS simply organizes your posts and pages in a coherent way and makes it easy to publish your blog. There are many different types of CMSs is on the market, from free to professional grade.

WordPress obviously comes to mind. WordPress is the world’s number one blogging platform, and almost half of all new websites run on WordPress. Not only is WordPress free, it’s super easy to use. Hire a designer to make your website pop.

The beauty of WordPress is that it allows for almost limitless customization. Install a child theme and you can safely tweak your site’s appearance as much as you want.

Get Your Tech

As a digital nomad, you’re going to need certain types of gear.

A good laptop with an SSD drive is crucial. An SSD drive doesn’t have any moving parts, it is better suited for the road than a hard drive that spins.
Make sure that you have a good hotspot on your phone. It might seem like as a digital nomad you can find Wi-Fi everywhere, and you can. The problem is, do you really want to spend all day long trying to find a Wi-Fi spot? Make your life a lot easier and get a hotspot on your phone.

Plan Your Travel in Advance

As much as you can, plan your travel in advance. Having an itinerary is a great way to set up resources in advance. Where are you staying? What potential clients in that city do you need to contact? Get organized in do it up front.

Use the Internet

Life as digital nomad means that you don’t know anyone anywhere you go.

Fortunately for you, we have the Internet! Do some research. Check out the local attractions and the local history. The world is full of adventure, waiting for you to uncover it. It is unbelievable how much information is now online. Reviews of local restaurants, places to stay. Whatever you need is out there.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people and create new social and professional contacts. That’s the whole point of being a digital nomad after all!

Be Safe

Travel is exciting and something every human must do in their life. But please, be careful. It’s a dangerous world out there and we really want you to be in it! As a digital nomad, you have to develop skills to remain safe. Watch your back, but don’t be paranoid. And take the time to smell the roses!

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