Why More People Than Ever Before Are Choosing Cruise Vacations



Sailing the world’s oceans to far-off destinations is something many people consider but when the time comes to book it’s often the typical single beach resort that wins out. Cruise ship travel offers a number of brilliant benefits including the ability to visit numerous destinations within one trip and it’s also one of the most stress-free ways to travel.

Cruise vacations have become one of the most popular travel options and you’ll receive a lot for your money when choosing these floating hotels.

Travel the world

There’s a major bonus with a cruise and that’s the range of locations you can visit during just one trip. If you want to combine stops at Central American countries such as Honduras and Colombia with some Caribbean Islands then this is a feasible option. You can sail across the Western Mediterranean Sea with ports of call including many beach resorts and towns of France, Spain and Italy. Or head to the Eastern Med where you can visit the historic port towns of Dubrovnik in Croatia before journeying to the sun-bleached island of Corfu in Greece – on this type of vacation, the choice is yours.

Value for money

Cruise deals are an extremely cost-effective way to spend anything from a weekend to a few weeks or three months travelling the world. Your accommodation, meals, transportation and nightly entertainment are all part of the price and some booking options can include all drinks as well as shore activities in the price. This is completely stress-free travel option where you can relax by the pool as the ship carries you towards your next port of call. There’s no need to worry about flights and their many regulations between destinations and you’ll only every have to unpack your suitcase once.

On-board activities

Ocean liners could easily rival luxury hotels given the standard of accommodations available but where they beat the hotels is with the amount of facilities. Most ships will come with open-air swimming pools, spas, fitness centres and of course a range of bars, restaurants and even nightclubs. However, the larger ships do go all out and some have theatres, casinos and even ice-skating rinks. In fact some ships will go one better and have even included on-board fun fairs with full-sized roller-coasters.

The world is your oyster

Travel agencies have cottoned on to the fact that people are looking for more unusual destinations and are looking to visit parts of the world that are slightly off the beaten track. If you’re hankering to explore the frozen wilderness of the Arctic Circle or the unique beauty of the Galapagos Islands then this can easily be arranged. You can sail through the Suez Canal and explore fascinating Middle East countries such as the United Arab Emirates or take a trip to view the amazing Cape Coast scenery in South Africa. The choice of destinations is limited only by your imagination and travel operators will be able arrange trips to fully satisfy your wanderlust.

A cruise should be tried at least once and you can take weekend mini-taster trips to see if this might be worth considering for a longer vacation. The value for money deals available do make this an option worth trying and it may just become your favourite way to travel.

Image by Dennis Jarvis and Kansasphoto, used under the Creative Commons license.

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