Where in the World to Spend New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an exciting ritual that celebrates the end of the year and ushers in the new one. It is a holiday that has been celebrated for centuries and it is a great time of year to travel to somewhere new and exciting.

If your new year’s resolution is to travel more, then you’ll be getting your year off to a great start! You can join the festivities of a different culture, or find a quiet place to reflect upon your year. Here are some great places where you can spend an epic New Year’s Eve.


Going to Crete for New Year’s is great and the temperature is usually quite mild. Enjoy a New Year’s Eve dinner of locally reared lamb, locally made cheeses, and have some locally made Cretan wine with it. If you are travelling to Crete over New Year’s you should definitely plan to take part in the local games. Many cafes set up tables for gambling and the two most popular games are rummy and a modified black jack where you need to get a total of 31.

If you’re travelling with a group, rent one of these stunning villas and enjoy partying out by the pool. You can spend New Year’s day relaxing on the beach, hiking through the mountains or exploring the archaeological ruins like Ideon Cave and Palace of Knossos.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a great place to party at New Years. There are many clubs and bars that throw fantastic parties. The party at Copacabana beach is by far the most popular and over two million people attend it each year.

There are amazing fireworks, everyone is dressed in white, and there are plenty of live bands and DJ’s. After the fireworks are over many people take a dip in the ocean to jump the 7 waves and make 7 wishes.


Dubai is a great place to go for a New Year’s Eve celebration and there are plenty of parties happening throughout the city. Many areas are closed to cars so it is best to rely on public transportation or to get around on foot.

The Burj Khalifa does a spectacular fireworks show at midnight so it is best to be in a good spot for viewing them. If you want to escape the crowds you can spend New Year’s at a luxury resort in the desert and usher in the New Year quietly.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is known for its parities and it is a fabulous place to head for New Year’s Eve. You can choose from many different parties in restaurants, clubs, casinos or on private yachts. There are fireworks at midnight and you can join large crowds of people to count down to the New Year.


In India they follow the Hindu calendar, meaning that they do not officially celebrate New Year’s Eve as part of their culture, however if you go to one of the large cities such as Delhi or Mumbai then you can join in with the celebrations of the other tourists and expats.

Lots of hotels have gala dinners and celebrations, and similarly to the UK, some have fireworks at midnight. For a quiet and intimate New Year’s Eve, why not spend it on one of India’s remote islands. There are plenty of destinations in India to choose from, but whichever you decide you’re destined to have a magical and memorable time.

West Coast of Vancouver Island

For something a little quieter you can head to the west coast of Vancouver island and watch the waves crash on the beach in Tofino or Ucluelet. The weather is often stormy and the waves can be quite large this time of year.

You can rent cabins on the beach that come with kitchens and you can pick up freshly caught crab to cook and eat for dinner. You can pick up your own fireworks or just light a fire on the beach and look at the beautiful stars.

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