World’s Best Opportunities for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Whether you’re looking for a special way to explore your holiday location, or for something romantic to do with your significant other, a ride in a hot air balloon definitely is a unique experience.

Balloon rides are highly dependent on the weather, because of the hot air streams and wind directions. So make sure you have enough phone credit to keep in touch with the company that offers the ride. This way you’ll be up to date when there are any sudden changes. Since you’re well prepared now, all you have to do, is get up in the air and enjoy the view.

Hot air balloon rides are offered all around the world, but there are a few places in the world where the view is particularly jaw dropping. Here are a few examples of those spectacular locations:

The North pole

Some early explorers of the North Pole used hot air balloons to check the unknown area. The North Pole is -literally- the coolest location to get up in the air and discover this quiet, white landscape. If freezing temperatures don’t scare you off, you can get a hot air balloon ride here as here as part of your north pole expedition. Of course, t can be quite windy and really cold in the area, so this unique experience is only possible if the circumstances allow it.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

World’s’ largest and most famous ancient religious complex is what makes many tourists visit Angkor Wat every year. To get up in the air is the only way to see how extensive the complex really is. From your hot air balloon you’ll get the most amazing panoramic views above this spiritual area.

Orlando, Florida

To enjoy the panoramic views above Orlando, you have to get out of bed early. Here, the hot air balloons only launch at sunrise, because of the weather circumstances. From up above, you’ll see the Disney and the Universal theme parks from a different perspective. You’ll also float above the city of Orlando, rural areas and other scenic areas you wouldn’t expect in Florida.

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is visited by large groups of tourists every year, mainly because of its ancient Egyptian temples. There is no better way to explore the remains of Thebe (the name of the ancient capital of Egypt) than from up above. The sight is definitely worth it: soaring above the Nile, looking at the temples from up above, you’ll get a taste of the magic that surrounds this area.

Queenstown, New Zealand

This ride is definitely a must for Lord of The Rings fans, since large parts of the movies were filmed here. But also if you’ve never seen one of the movies, you will appreciate the views above Queenstown. The beautiful mountains and lakes will mesmerize you and you’ll be too stunned to do anything other than enjoying the view.

Monument Valley, USA

Many people know Monument Valley from one of the many Wild West movies that were filmed here. The Navajo Reservation is famous for its huge monoliths and panoramic views, like the Black Hills of Dakota and Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Seeing this landscape from a hot air balloon makes it even more impressive.

These are just a few amazing places to see from a hot air balloon. Have you ever tried it? What places would you suggest to take a hot air balloon ride?

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