London 2020

The Beginners Guide To Staying in London 2020

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London has always been a place that attracts various tourists from all around the world. With its scenic beauty and brilliant architecture, London is a hotspot for many fashion trends and other excellent things that should be in your bucket list.

Are you interested in going to London for your first trip? If yes, here is a definitive guide to some of the best places you could stay in, keeping in mind your primary interests.

Best Place in London for Sightseeing: South Bank and Bankside

With regards to touring, South Bank and Bankside are great for access to enormous attractions – London Eye, Tate Modern, the Shard – and the City of London additionally has a lot of well-known sights, yet both have not many spots to remain. South Kensington is extraordinary for exhibition halls and shopping; inns will, in general, be expensive. Covent Garden and Soho are acceptable all-rounders because of their closeness to the water bodies.

Best Place in London for Clubbing: Soho

Soho is a decent blend of popular mixed drink bars, a significant number of which likewise do extraordinary food, customary English bars, theatres, and storm cellar clubs with DJ parties. There are just a couple of stays in Soho, somewhat set back from the activity. Other excellent places for clubbing in London is Camden for its live concert settings and also East End with its state-of-the-art clubs and bars.

Best Area in London for Dining: Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the most popular and amazing places that people come to eat in London. The area is filled with irresistible food ranging from India, Mexican and other continental food stalls that are reasonably cheap to high-end fine dining restaurants offering a culinary treat. Covent Garden is a 5 min stroll to Chinatown and Soho, jam-pressed with craftsman bistros and continental restaurants. Hotels in and around Hyde Park are home to some of London’s brilliant Michellin- star restaurants that take your taste buds to another level. Camden, the East End, and King’s Cross are incredible for street food.

Best Areas in London for Young Groups and Families: South Kensington or Marylebone

South Kensington is arguably an excellent place that families could stay in because of its safety and security standards along with the list of family-friendly activities that can be found in and around the area. The area is moderately peaceful, and there are two heavenly galleries with a lot of intuitive displays for all ages.

In the Northside is a place called Hyde Park, that has a lot of play areas and also accommodates families and groups during the famous “Winter Wonderland” in the second half of the year during winter. Marylebone is another excellent alternative. It is within close proximity of the Hyde Park, the ever famous London Zoo in Regent’s Park and the popular Madame Tussauds.

Best Neighborhood in London to Stay for First Timer: Covent Garden

If it’s your first time in London, Covent Garden is simply the best neighbourhood to reside in. It’s midway found, has an extraordinary feasting and theatre scene and is in walking distance with some of the various attractions, for example, the National Gallery, Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. There is great travel accessibility to the Thames to arrive at the different tourist spots. It is convenient for the budget- travellers as well.

Safest Areas of London

Arguably, the safest spaces in London are bound to be the ones that are situated in the more affluent areas. They include Mayfair, Belgravia, Chelsea, South Kensington and Knightbridge, which are all significantly safer. It would be safe to travel around or talk a walk in these neighbourhoods in any day of the week, at any time of the day. However, it is advised to stay vigilant during the later parts of the day no matter what part of London you are in.. Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury are similarly safe along with Covent Garden.


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