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The Great American Group Tour Road Trip

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With the US being one of the biggest countries in the world, it often becomes pretty hard to choose where to go and what to see. And if you are someone trying to plan a brilliant road-trip, one that every group of friends has on their bucket lists and is very pumped up for, you will know how nerve-wracking it can get. It has to have it all, right? the bad road-trip pizza, apple pies from roadside stops, a road-trip playlist that leaves everyone groaning and singing along and all the places that no self-respecting road-tripper would skip. All of this can be enough to drive anyone mad. But, do no fear, for here is a list of some routes and roads and tricks that will not only ensure that you guys have a brilliant road-trip but that you will be talking about it to your grandkids years later.

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1. Route 66

One of the most famous routes in America, Route 66 is every American road traveller’s dream route. Running for 2,500 miles, Route 66 packs a punch when it comes to destinations along the way. You pass through Chicago, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. With many attractions in and around all of these cities, it takes around one and a half week to complete the whole journey and therefore, proper planning is necessary. Although, Route 66 is also known for its famous stretch between New Mexico and Arizona, where you can spend your night at the famous El Rancho Hotel and even camp at the famous Coconino National Forest. The route also offers a quirky American history lesson with many attractions like the world’s largest Catsup Bottle, a giant famous statue of Abraham Lincoln on a wagon in Illinois and much more.

2. Route 20

One for the spirited travellers, this route is the perfect choice if your group is looking for a long trip across one corner of the country to the other. The longest road in America, Route 20 connects the coast of Newport with the coast of Boston, running 3,365 miles long. With many cities along the way with many attractions, this cross-country journey offers your group a chance to see the best of America. Running through Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and ending in Massachusetts, this is one journey you can never forget. The route is famous for the history and cultural lesson it provides its travellers along the way.

3. Pacific Coast Highway

As the name suggests, the route runs through the Pacific coast, starting from Dana Point in Orange County, to Leggett. California’s longest road, the highway runs for 650 miles and is one of the most fulfilling ones in America. With many all-American destinations along the way such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Sur, Monterey, Malibu and much more. And if the traveller inside your bunch wants more, you can extend your trip to the Redwood forest, to experience one of the most scenic routes you can find in America. Your group can explore some of the best beaches in America along the way in Santa Monica and Malibu.

4. Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

What can be better than taking a journey through the two best-known locations in America? A 980-mile-long adventure, this trip offers you an All-American experience, from the flashy life in Las Vegas to traditional life in Grand Canyon. With a chance to explore true American culture, the whole trip also takes you through many other attractions such as Sin City, Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and a small stretch of the famous Route 66 along the way too. And when you reach Grand Canyon, it’ll be the most satisfying sight. You can contact the National Park Service for extra information on staying around the Grand Canyon to be safe.


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