Why This Is the Year You Should Head to Guernsey For Your Holidays

Part of the Channel Islands, Guernsey is a unique holiday getaway with an Anglo-French legacy; unique, because there are many things that separate Guernsey from the rest. It has a currency of its own, even though British Sterling is equally acceptable. It also has its own unique collectable stamps.

But its strongest asset is its nature. In any of its most popular locations, be it St Peter Port, St Martins, Castel or Vale, you will be enthralled by the vast landscapes and beauty that this island has maintained. If you are still wondering on why you should head to Guernsey for your holidays, we make it a lot easier for you with the following reasons:

1.Easily Accessible

Guernsey, while maintaining its exclusivity, is actually in close proximity to very poplar locations like the UK and France. It is barely an hour away from the UK mainland, mere 27 miles from the coast of France and only 70 miles from south of Britain. Moreover, the island is self-governing and has an English-speaking population. Enjoy an exotic destination with the familiarity of language and currency! Doesn’t that make your trip much more comfortable than visiting a place where you need to roam about with a local dictionary in hand?

2.Adaptable Weather

As compared to other regions surrounding it, Guernsey has mild climate most times of the year. For example, current mid-year weather is a fine 10 to 15 degree Celsius. No more worries of packing heavy winter gear or extra summer wear. Just like its people, the climate is welcoming to a population that is not used to extreme seasonal changes and is quite a respite for those living in harsher weather conditions.

3.Adventure Activities

When it comes to adventure, Guernsey has something for everyone. From kayaking and surfing to coasteering, there are activities that fit every scale on the range of adrenaline-boosting adventure. They even have a go-karting circuit for juniors and adults.

4.Plenty to Explore

For those who are less inclined towards heart-racing adventures, there are many more explorations to indulge in. Relaxing long walks in the lush countryside, cycling, going out for a picnic on the gorgeous shell beaches, fishing and angling, museum and ancient burial site visits are some of the many things that you can do here. Guernsey makes for a perfectly refreshing holiday indulgence.

5.Fun Outdoors

Savour the delicacies that local restaurants, cafes and bars have to offer. Fresh channel Island seafood and cuisines prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables will leave you scribbling down recipes to carry back home. Do not miss the local favourite brewed ales. Shopping for unique jewellery and apparels in the local market and carnivals is a must in every Guernsey traveller’s to-do list.

Apart from the above, (as if we needed any more) there are also various heritage castles, towers, points, chapels and history to explore in this scenic destination. Guernsey will allow you to slow down and enjoy a lifestyle that you can’t afford in your day to day busy city life. Happy packing!

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